List Of The Best Costco Instant Pots

When you come home from a long day at work, I can bet you probably would prefer not to cook extensively, you’d probably rather have your feet up and watch your favorite television show.

We don’t blame you, we like to do the same, because who wants to do more work after already working? Not a soul, I can guarantee that!


There’s a solution to your after work cooking problem and for your lazy days, an instant cook pot.

These things are killer, while some instant pots are solely pressure cookers, other modern instant cook pots come with different settings such as saute, steam, simmer and sometimes even more!

Your food will be ready in minutes, you can’t go wrong with that especially when you can cook virtually anything with these products.

Check these pots out and explore a whole new world of cooking, whether you want one to remain the lazy cook you are or just to save yourself some time after work.

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Our Costco Favorite

#1 Cuisinart ® Electric Pressure Cooker

Shopping around for camping gear could either be a fun or ever tedious task, finding the proper sleeping bags, tools, chairs and even cookware can become a chore all on its own.

We have found that the Cuisinart® Electric Pressure Cooker is quite the catch when it comes to a take along cooking pot for your outdoor adventures.

This product has a nonstick surface and a 6 quart capacity, it is equipped with; a digital thermostat, a 99 minute timer and a LED countdown display.

With this pot being 12 pounds it is the perfect weight to pack away in a pack of sorts, this instant cook pot is 13"L x 13" W x 14.6" H. When you purchase this item you will have three year limited warranty.

This is a wonderful option for those who want to cook or steam food with a lack of food and water waste.

This product comes with browning, sauté, simmering and boiling functions, which works perfectly for any meal. This particular product is on the larger end of the spectrum.

Cuisinart® Electric Pressure Cooker

Our Three Amazon Favorites

Along with our Costco favorite instant cooking pot, we three other favorites to send you off in the right direction for purchasing pressure cookers for camping and other outdoor excursions.

#2 Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker, 6 Qt.

nstant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

First off, we have the Instant Pot Duo Plus, this is a remarkable product that has can complete 9 different cooking functions. We chose this product not only because it is capable of pressure

cooking, but because of it being able to; slow cook, cook eggs, cook rice, sauté, steam, warm, sterilize and it can even make cake! With this product being so versatile it is no wonder it made It on this particular list.

The Instant Pot Duo Plus is complete with an LCD display screen, status icons (on/off, warm, hot, sound, etc.), fingerprint resistant stainless steel and dual pressure settings.

We recommend this all-in one pressure cooker for all outdoor cooking, it calls for less food and cooking waste and for more enjoyment of the experience at hand!

#3 Presto 2-3 Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

Pressure canning is considered to be the only truly safe method for canning and preserving low acid foods.

This is a great little pressure canner that doubles as a cooker, we recommend this to the handyman and woman alike especially if you enjoy the art of food preservation.

The Presto Pressure Canner is durable, it is made up of warp resistant, heavy gauge aluminum which creates fast and even heating for your food.

Use this product to can and preserve; pickles, fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies and salsas.

Go out and test this product, it won't be a disappointment, if anything, you will be absolutely thrilled with your choice.

This product is more toward the smaller end of the size spectrum which makes it extremely convenient for taking along on any kind of trip, camping, fishing, hiking or even a road trip.

Presto 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

#4 Cancooker JR-001 CanCooker Junior

The Cancooker JR-001 is the smallest of our top 4 Instant Pots, but don't let the size of this item fool you, it is the perfect handheld pot made to be easily transportable as well as chic in style.

Cooking while camping of backpacking has never been easier, you can now pressure cook your food on the go worry free.

This item is much smaller than the aforementioned pressure cookers, it also doubles as a canner which is a plus along with the convenient size.

Canners are excellent to use for preserving low acid foods, such as fruits, preserves, jellies, jams, vegetables or pickles.

We recommend giving this product a try as it is affordable, durable and extremely convenient. Take this along on your camping, fishing or backpacking excursions for a warm delicious meal.

Cancooker JR-001 CanCooker Junior


Are pressure cooking and canning the same?

No, but their history's are closely intertwined. Canning is the act of preserving foods such as fruits, vegetables, pickles, jams, jellies and other foods like that. Pressure cooking is cooking with steam to speed up cook time.​

What different kinds of cookers are there?​

There are two different types of cooker, one being the stove-top cooker and the other being the electric. We recommend the electric cookers for indoor use such as a camper, in a cabin or in a home. Stove top cookers can be used on campfires so we recommend those for use while backpacking, camping in a tent or for hiking excursions.​

What can I cook in a pressure cooker?

​With the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9 in 1 Pressure Cooker you are able to cook virtually anything, with the smaller cookers like the Cancooker JR-001 you can cook just about anything with the steam, rice and beans specifically cook extremely fast in these. When looking for a fast meal that is warm and filling pressure cookers are the way to go.