List Of The Top Costco Propane Tanks

That BBQ pit won’t fuel itself, especially if it has an empty propane tank connected to it. Maybe you’ve run out of propane or maybe you’re looking to stock up for the future.


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Either way, you’ve come to the right place as we have a Costco propane tank list of our favorite ones that are available on the market today.

I know, silly, right?


No one wants to go cook outdoors just to find they have no propane, that is the absolute worst. 

Fun fact, the propane we use today wasn’t discovered until 1912, when Dr. Walter Snelling was conducting experiments for the U.S. Bureau of Mines.

The experiments involved several gasses that could be contained as liquids under the right conditions, one of these was propane.

And so, this was the birth of bottled propane.

Now go out and get a propane tank or at least take a second to check em out!

Our 2 Costco Favorites

We handpicked two splendid propane tanks from Costco, we feel these tanks are of the best and safest design.

30 lb Flame King Empty Steel Propane Cylinder with OPD Valve

Flame King 30-Pound Propane

This 30 lb. monster is complete with an OPD (Overfill Protection Device) valve and is made of steel.

This propane tank is the perfect size to use on your gas powered bbq.

With this specific tank you must fill it with LP gas, which it is absolutely ready to do as it is pre-purged.

The tank is covered in powdered coating, this protects the enamal of the paint on the tank so it does not oxidize from weather as quickly.

This tank does ship empty, so that is something to always keep in mind.

With this being a 30 lb. tank it is much easier to transport than larger propane tanks.

100 lb Flame King Empty Steel Propane Cylinder with POL Valve

Flame King 100-Pound Propane

The 100 lb Flame King Empty Steel Propane Cylinder is equipped with a POL valve and a powder coated steel shell, perfect for durability and precision in use.

Propane tanks can be very dangerous if not stored properly, with this tank's slim and tall design it is almost impossible not to find a place in your boat, camper or even home for it.

This tank can also be used for bbq-ing or any other basic propane use, note this is a larger tank so it won't be as transportable as other propane tanks that are smaller.

Our 3 Amazon Favorites

Along with our two Costco favorite propane tanks, we have three other favorites to send you off in the right direction for purchasing propane tanks for home use, camping and other outdoor excursions.

6.4 oz Prop Bottle, Pack of 2

2PK 16.4OZ Prop Bottle

This two pack of Coleman 6.4 oz bottles is an excellent buy for those looking to power small cooking stoves. These bottles come in a dual pack and they are dark green in color.

Coleman delivers a quality versatile product with these tanks, each one can have different gas tank connectors added for controlling the flame, etc.

We recommend using these small propane tanks as backpacking fishing or camping take alongs, as they are more compact than most others offered on the market.

Use to connect to a Coleman camping stovetop or any other propane ran product and watch your camping trips become far more enjoyable and simple

11 lb Flame King Steel Propane Cylinder Tank

11 LB Flame King Steel Propane Cylinder Tank

Looking for a medium sized propane tank, one with a good amount of propane?

We chose this tank specifically for it's handy nature as well as for the awesome fact it holds 11 lbs. of propane gas.

Propane is a very useful thing for camp cooking as well as cabin cooking, so why not check out all different options.

The 11 lb. Flame King Steel Propane Tank is equipped with an overflow protection valve and is the perfect size to last a whole weeks worth of cooking out in the wild.

The overflow protection valve is in place to stop any excess propane from entering the tank and possibly leaking from it.

This product is easy to carry and well worth the extra weight to help along with your outdoor cooking experience.

Please do note this does get shipped empty for safety reasons.

20 lb Worthington Steel Propane Tank

20 lb Worthington Steel Propane Tank

The casing for this bad boy is coated in a Dura-bond powder coat which inhibits rust and oxidization.

We recommend this to the regular outdoorsman/woman for use in all types of propane necessary needs.

This could be used for heating, cooking, fire-starting and much more.

We do advise caution when using this product along with any other propane tank as they can be very dangerous.

Do not hesitate to ask for help when filling and using this tank.

We want your use to be easy convenient and comfortable.


Are propane tanks dangerous?

Yes and no, if not transported, handled or stored properly the tank may become explosive, while if you have proper propane tank fittings, transport, storage and handling you will not face many problems , if any at all.

What size tank should I take camping and what size for a BBQ?

When using propane tanks for camping you don't typically want a 30+ lb. propane tank to drag along, so we recommend using the smaller tanks 20 lb. and less for camping. Use 20 lb. and more for at home and BBQ use.

Why do propane tanks ship empty?

Propane tanks ship empty due to the hazard of propane gas being put under too much pressure or heat, if heated up in the tank or put under too much pressure the tank would combust.