Knife Laws In Alaska

Before purchasing a knife in the US, you should know in advance if having one in your state is legal or illegal. You should be aware of the rules, regulations, and laws governing knives.

It is important that you don’t break any law and it's your responsibility as a citizen to do so. You ought to know the Alaska knife laws if you reside in the state.

Understanding the knife laws in Alaska can be confusing so we have provide all the information you need to know below.​

Knife Laws in Alaska

These knife laws in Alaska are very friendly. You can have nearly anything you want, and this is because there are dangerous animals such as bears in Alaska and the laws will allow you to defend yourself. Therefore you can buy different varieties of knives which include gravity knives, switchblades and also you has a right to conceal a knife in many circumstances. You should also know that the knife laws in Alaska were rewritten in 2013 so anything before that is out of date.



A switchblade is legal to own and also legal to carry. Many sources and websites still say that it’s illegal to own a switchblade but this is incorrect.

Gravity knives are the same as switchblade knives when it comes to the law. Anyone above 16 years old can legally buy, own and carry gravity knives. These knives deploy the blade by centrifugal force or gravity.

An ordinary pocket can be bought, owned and carried in Alaska. A regular knife is a short knife with a blade which must be physically pulled and are usually stored in its handle. A blade length isn’t stated, but many police departments take its length to be 3” or 4”.

A knife with “bias towards closure” which is due to springs doesn’t constitute a gravity or switchblade knife. This kind of knives is categorized as a regular pocket knife without considering other features or deployment method.


  • Anyone below the age of 21 years cannot carry a concealed knife if it’s not a pocket knife. It’s illegal.
  • It’s illegal to fail to tell police about concealing a non-pocket knife when stopped by a police officer.
  • It’s illegal for an escaped convict to carry a knife.
  • It’s illegal to rob or stalk a place using a knife.
  • It’s illegal to talk to a person with a restraining order on you when having a non-pocket knife.

Length Limit

The Alaska knife laws don't state a limit on the length of the knife except when describing a regular pocket knife. Any knife length is legal and anyone above 20 years old and not on posted municipal buildings, school property or in somebody else house without permission can carry a knife with them.

Concealed Carry

Anyone who owns an ordinary pocket knife can carry conceal the knife as well as gravity and switchblade knives as longs as the person is 21 years old or older. If a police officer stops someone, that person should notify the police of the concealed knife immediately and should surrender the weapon if asked. The fixed blade knives are considered the same way as gravity and switchblade knives.

A knife can’t be carried concealed into someone’s private home without their permission or knowledge. Also, knives cannot be taken onto any public school’s premises without administration’s approval.

Other Knife Laws in Alaska

If you want to buy, carry or use a knife in Alaska, you will encounter few restrictions and a small number of complexities. For whatever reason to carry a knife, any adult above 21 years old can take their knife to most areas. They also have free choice of blades ranging from fixed blade, gravity, balisong to switchblades knives. Alaska laws seek to impose as little restrictions as possible.


Alaska has very friendly knife laws when compared to other states. Any reader from Alaska can enjoy this right. You ought to consult an attorney in Alaska if you have more questions about the laws governing knives in the state.


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