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The 5 Best Bushcraft Knives on the Market


Bushcraft knives are in a league of their own. Unlike most everyday carry knives, they do not care much for concealment as much as sheer strength and dependability. Just so we’re on the same page, bushcraft knives are not the same as Rambo-type knives that looks more like bladed clubs. Bushcraft knives are often fixed blade knives and most have a full tang construction that are built for medium to heavy camping tasks. Most are used for general cutting like ropes and food preparation all the way to heavier tasks like batoning. Bushcrafting is a relatively new practice and there are still those who do not know just exactly what it is. It is simply combining the survival practices of the ancients tribes and more modern military personnel.


The 7 Best Hunting Knives on the Market

the top 7 best hunting knives on the market

Before we can determine which few hunting knives out of all of the hunting knives available today are the best of the best, we must first determine what defines a good hunting knife. Then, we must determine what makes a good hunting knife a great hunting knife. Therefore, for the purpose of this article, I have chosen seven hunting knives that I feel are the best hunting knives on the market today based upon their blade design, blade steel, and the materials used to construct the hilt.

But, what makes a good hunting knife a great hunting knife? Well, the first step to evaluating a hunting knife is to examine the design of the blade. For instance, hunting knives generally fall into one of three categories: Drop Points, Clip Continue Reading


Best Old Timer Knives

They Dont Make Pocket Knifes Like They Use To - Best Old Timer Knives

When I was growing up, June and Ward Cleaver of “Leave it to Beaver” fame were America’s model family, westerns, gangster movies, and WWII movies were the macho form of television entertainment, and every American male who considered himself a man carried a traditional pattern pocket knife. In fact, I remember the old men gathering