Benchmade 810 Contego review

The Benchmade 810 Contego knife is considered one of the best production folders in the world today. It easily passes the $100 mark which, for some at least, makes it a bit less desirable. But if you are looking for pure unadulterated quality in a knife that you can use for a lifetime then the 810 is your perfect knife. Considering the M4 Tool steel blade, Axis lock and its large size, many consider this knife an absolute bargain. The word Contego is Latin for “protect” or “shield” which is fitting because this knife is a lot more than your run of the mill everyday carry folding knife. The blade is strong and the handle is safe. It also has enough technological features that matches those well above its price range and when you hold it in your hand, you can feel the quality.

810 contego





The 810 Contego has a reverse tanto blade that is made from CPM M4 steel and has a gray / satin finish as well as a Black blade option. You can also choose between plain or partially serrated edge depending on your preference and purpose. The CPM M4 steel is reaches a rating of 64 in the Rockwell Hardness scale which makes it a lot stronger than other well-known blade steels like VG-10 and 154CM. The design and general make-up of the blade gives you that dependability and strength that you need whether to cut open a large box or your next big game. The M4 can hold an edge extremely well but there is a downside, it does not resist rust that well. The blade does require a certain level of maintenance but the edge will hold its own for a while.


The Osborne-designed 810 Contego uses some aggressive multi-directional jimping that gives ultimate control but some have commented that it can be painful at first. This is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. This is a “man’s knife” with its considerable size and an almost 4 inch blade. This is definitely not for kids because it can do considerable amount of damage. The handle has stainless steel linings with G10 scales with an AXIS locking system. the finger groves of the handle is large enough to accommodate any hand size unless you have like giant freaky hands. The 810 also comes with a pocket clip that eliminates the need for a knife sheath and makes it easier to carry around and relatively concealed.

Because of the considerable size of the 810, it might not be the best folder for concealed carry but the sheer strength of the knife and the crazy sharp blade makes it ideal for self defense. It’s one of those knives that can make an attacker think twice before rushing you. The blade is almost 4 inches long after all. It also would be quite hard to lose the 810 and some men who are currently serving in Afghanistan has praised its durability and sheer strength. The blade is crazy sharp right out of the box and is as solid as a rock when folded. The locking system gives it a strength close to a fixed blade knife and the singe-hand opening performs beautifully. The carbide glass breaker at the tip of the handle is a great addition too.



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Overall Length: 9.28″
Blade Length: 3.98″
810 Contego by Benchmade Blade Thickness: 0.55″
Blade Material: CPM-M4
Blade Style: Reverse Tanto
Blade Grind: Flat
Finish: Gray / Satin or Black
Edge Type: Plain / Partially Serrated
Handle Length: 5.30″
Closed Length: 5.30″
Handle Thickness: 0.55″
Handle Material: G10
Frame/Liner: Stainless steel
Weight: 5.92oz.
Lock Type: AXIS
Country of Origin: USA



Some of the negative comments about that 810 Contego has more to do with size and general preference. If you have small hands, yes, the 810 might not be perfect for you. If you have gentle soft hands, then yes, the G10 scales’ jimping might hurt you a bit but if you are man who is looking for an everyday tool that you can rely on, then the 810 is your best friend. Much like the truck is the quintessential man’s vehicle, the 810 Contego is the ultimate man’s folder.