Benchmade 583 Barrage Review

With a brand like Benchmade, there is little to disappoint when it comes to high-class, functioning knives. Thus, it’s not surprising that these well-crafted attributes carry over into a set of fashionable, handy, EDC knives made by Benchmade, which are categorized as the Barrage family.

These compact knives can reach up to 8” (except for the 585 and 586 mini Barrages) when open, are made of stainless steel, and have tight, well-made gears to keep the knives in prime condition for years to come. Plus, these folding knives are great tools to carry around with you when the need arises—even though they may be a little on the heavy side, weighing around 4.2 ounces.




Fortunately, Benchmade has provided the knife lover a variety of Barrages to choose from, each having its own special characteristics. However, there is one within the Benchmade Barrage knife family that has a unique feature and gives the blade an exceptional quality. This knife is the Osborn designed Benchmade 583 Barrage, a knife that comes with many splendid details (which will be touched on later in the article); but most importantly, it is equipped with a finely tipped, two-edge tanto point.




Blade type: Tanto

Blade Finish: satin

Blade Edge: plain

Blade Material: 154CM

Mechanisms: AXIS assist with locking mechanism

Handle: Valox

Blade Length: 3.6”

Overall Length: 8.35”

Closed Length: 4.75”

Total Weight: 4.2 oz

Class: Blue



The tanto has many great aspects to it and is helpful in a lot of ways. For instance, it is useful for piercing, prying, twisting, and impact cutting; all of which can be incorporated into daily activities, which suggests that the 583 is, in fact, a useful EDC tool.

So how, specifically, can a 583 Barrage be an EDC knife? Well, for starters, when it comes to tanto knives, the blades of these knives stay thick throughout the metal until the steel reaches its two edges. As a result, the blade is very strong. And this strength is useful in circumstances where it is necessary to cut through hardy material, as in metal. Likewise, some say it is an effective tool when breaking down boxes or removing tough material such as stickers—similar to an exacto knife. Plus, it comes in handy while camping when you need a knife to baton sticks and split small pieces of wood, used to start fires. Also, depending on the density, it can function as a chopping tool for thin pieces of wood and other related substances.



What’s more, with the 583 Barrage’s blade running at 3.6” in length, made with 154cm stainless steel material, including razor-sharp edges, it is made to last.

However, even though the 583 Barrage’s blade is one of the stronger made blades, it does lack the strength to cut through deeper material. Therefore, despite its ability to pierce and cut through heavy-duty objects, it is unable to tear through this material if it becomes too thick; as a result, when objects reach a certain density, the 583 Barrage struggles to make its way through. Moreover, notwithstanding this knife’s excellent piercing capabilities, it can encounter problems when it is used for slicing, a technique used in skinning animal hide, etc. Because of this, the 583 isn’t recommended when it comes to preparing meat.





In addition to the assets of the tanto point, there are other advantages of this specific blade, which make it a special, handy knife. For instance, one reason it is beneficial is because it is made from Benchmade. Because of this, it has that refined touch that will keep it being a great knife for a long time.

Besides being made from Benchmade, the 583 Barrage comes with many exceptional features including an AXIS-Assist lock, a reversible carry clip, ambidextrous thumb studs, and a Valox handle, which is assembled with an ergonomic design—helping the knife last and guarantee great performance. Therefore, with a knife like the 583 Barrage, you can expect high-quality material as well as functionality.

In order to explore these added features, let’s start with the AXIS-Assist locking mechanism, a feature that pleases many fellow knife connoisseurs (probably because it is the best locking mechanism on the market today).


AXIS-Assist locking mechanism for 583 barrage


When Benchmade purchased this patented locking mechanism from Bill McHenry and Jason Williams back in 1998, the company probably wasn’t aware that they would end up assuring that their knives would obtain a special feature permitting to draw in knife lovers. This is because the lock addresses many issues which other knives aren’t able to do, as in promising safety at all times. There is no reason for someone who carries a knife on a regular basis to worry whether his or her clothes, body, or objects nearby will be torn or pierced. So it is reassuring to know there is a mechanism, which allows the knife user to keep the knife near any valuable commodity without worrying that the knife will open randomly.

Not only is the function of the lock ingenious, but the accessibility of the lock is convenient as well. By being located on the back of the knife, and connected to an easy-to-reach open and close button, the handling of the lock is considerably easy to use. And to access the lock, there is a pair of thumb studs on the side, which you slide open by pinching it with your index finger and thumb—a one-handed procedure.

Besides having a lock to keep the knife from opening, this knife also has a gear lock to keep the blade from moving. Plus, the gears, themselves, are skillfully made. Thus, with its stainless steel liners and heavy-duty spring, the knife feels secure and tight.




Another characteristic of the knife is its Valox handle. This handle is designed to allow the knife holder to clasp the knife in his or her hand with relative ease and comfort. Along with the ergonomic details of the handle such as the front and back notches, jipping, and the butterfly flare located near the bottom of the blade, the handle fits the natural features of the carrier’s hand, which allows him or her to perform necessary activities in an efficient and functional manner. Plus, with it being around 4”, the handle is comfortable and rests in the hand nicely.

In addition to these properties, the handle comes with an accommodating, reversible carry-clip. This aspect of the knife is favorable because it gives that added element of choice, allowing the user to decide where his or her knife is best stored and shares in his or her personal taste.

On the other hand, the handle does have some undesirable traits and needs a bit of tweaking. For instance, it is made out of Valox, a material that is strong, but not durable. And because it’s made with this plastic-type material, the handle ends up looking cheap. Plus, despite the jipping and grooves on the handle, the smoothness of the Valox is too slippery, making it too difficult to keep a tight grip on it.

Luckily, there are ways to improve the texture by adding wood or other elements that would help give it a better gripping capacity.




Together with the 154cm stainless steel tanto blade, well-made gears, Axis-Assisted lock, and other specifications, this Benchmade knife wouldn’t be complete without being preserved in mint condition. So in order to help back up its product, Benchmade has provided supreme packaging materials for the knife to be stored in. For instance, when you purchase this knife, you will be receiving it with a Benchmade manual, an access-lock tag, and a micro-fiber, drop-string pouch that you can use to polish the knife, helping it stay shiny and new.


brand new 583 barrage in package


While contemplating this price range of the 583 Barrage, the consumer may consider the knife to be too expensive for an EDC knife, but not high quality enough for a collector’s item. Although, it is still reasonably priced for being a knife that will stand the test of time and last through many years of wear and tear. Thus, the price is worth the durability factor, allowing you to feel secure in using it time and time again.




Even with all the pros and cons of the 583 Barrage, the knife is still a recommended, highly sought after knife. Therefore, if you are willing to invest in a nice, Benchmade, folding knife that has specific functions with a fun, handy design (which needs a little tweaking), then you should consider the 583 Barrage.