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Since the beginning of time, man has used light to help pave his way in the dark. From working in the caves to working in the mines, the idea of a work light has always been with us. Of course, today’s work lights are far different than the oil-powered versions of yesteryear.

Many work lights utilize LEDs, which help to provide bright light while using minimal power. From the worksite to the backyard, a quality Costco LED work light can come in handy when the sun goes down. Follow our light in the dark as we guide you through our best Costco snap on LED work light reviews.


Costco Snap-On LED Work Light

#1 Costco Snap-On LED Work Light

  • Professional and portable rectangular work light
  • 2000 Lumens
  • 6’ Cord
Costco Nighthawk LED Flood Light

#2 Costco Nighthawk LED Flood Light

  • Ultra-portable circular flood light
  • 5000 lumens
  • Cordless
Costco Neiko Rechargeable Underhood Work Light

#3 Costco Neiko Rechargeable Underhood Work Light

  • Long, tube-shaped work light
  • 1,200 lumens
  • Cordless

The Top 5

#1 Costco Snap-On LED Work Light

The Costco Snap-On LED Work Light is a durable and long-lasting work light that makes use of integrated LED bulbs that provides 2000 lumens and never need to be replaced.

The power consumption is extremely low and the on/off switch is perfectly sealed, meaning you can use it in any kind of weather.

The ergonomic padded handle makes it easy to carry, and the low-energy light remains cool, making it safe to use for anyone.

The snap-on LED worklight is a solid choice for those who want a product that is cool, bright, and perfect for any indoor or out door setting, from the garage to the construction site.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Long-lasting LEDs
  • Ergonomic padded handle


  • Cord is only 6’ long

#2 Costco Nighthawk LED Flood Light

The Costco Nighthawk LED Flood Light is cordless, giving you 5-8 hours of light per charge depending on how high you are running it.

It comes with a utility lightning charger that can be charged with any USB charger. You can also charge your phone using the light too. 

Thanks to the portable design, this light can easily fit in the smallest of spaces.

There are three different modes onboard, including low, medium, and high.

The best thing about the Nighthawk LED Flood Light is that you can use it even when you don’t have an outlet available, making it perfect for camping, biking, etc.

It’s a great piece of gear that you can take with you for a roadside emergency, as well as for working in the dark. 


  • Cordless functionality
  • Can charge any USB device
  • Three different power modes


  • Light spread isn’t that large

#3 Costco Neiko Rechargeable Underhood Work Light

The Neiko Rechargeable Underhood Work Light is interesting in that it is shaped like a long rod.

It provides 1,200 lumens along the body, perfect for working under the hood.

The light makes use of an 8,000 mAH large capacity li-ion battery that is rechargeable, providing users with 3-6 hours of work time depending on the setting.

The light is made with impact-resistant polycarbonate, which is nearly unbreakable and completely weather-resistant.

There are also two detachable magnetic hooks, which allow you to fold it easily in cramped spaces.

Overall, it may not be the most versatile light on our list, though for those who work on cars often, it’s one of the most valuable.


  • Unique, long design
  • Extremely portable
  • Durable polycarbonate design


  • Use is a bit limited
perfect for working under the hood
men at work

#4 Costco NextLED 100W Work Light

The NextLED 100W Work Light is your standard 1000 lumen work light with total flexibility.

It makes use of a 120-degree beam angle to help reduce glare from the LEDs, and is adjustable by 360-degrees in every direction. 

It is designed with an aluminum body for durability and is IP65 waterproof, perfect for just about any conditions.

As for power, it uses a 6’ outdoor-rated power cord.

While the Costco NextLED isn’t unique in any way, it’s a workman’s tool for those who don’t need bells and whistles.


  • 360-degree flexibility
  • Durable aluminum body
  • Perfect for any outdoor conditions


  • Power cord is only 6’

#5 Costco Ustellar 5500LM Work Light

The Costco UStellar 5500LM Work Light is a solid budget light that is easy to mount or install just about anywhere.

It comes with a long 16.4’ cord and has two different brightness levels depending on the conditions you’re working in.

It is IP65 for use in wet conditions, and adjusts with ease thanks to the tilting mechanism. 

The fixture is uniquely designed with a fin type heat sink, acting similarly to a radiator to help create heat dissipation.

This helps to reduce the frequency of re-lamping. While it may not cost much, the Costco Ustellar 5500LM Work Light is sure worth it when it comes to value.


  • Long 16.4’ power cord
  • Dissipates heat to keep bulbs cool
  • Can mount just about anywhere


  • A bit of light leakage through the switch

Final Verdict

When it comes to buying tools, especially lights, investing in something that is going to last you for years to come and will always be reliable is extremely important. The last thing you want is for your light to burn out on you when you need it most. It is worth noting that some lights will better handle certain jobs than others, meaning it is very important to do your research so that you can predict the capabilities of your chosen Costco light.

While all of the lights on this list are great in their own ways, the Costco Snap-On LED Work Light is our favorite. With portability, versatility, and brightness, as well as a slew of other features, it is a lighting fixture that simply cannot do wrong, perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Make sure to evaluate all of the lights on the list yourself so that you can find the right one for your needs!

OUR #1 PICK - Costco Snap-On LED Work Light

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