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Welcome to Blade Scout!  Our mission is to match the perfect knife for your intended use.

Purchasing the perfect knife for you is a very personal issue. There is not a single ”Best folder or fixed blade” for everyone.

Considerations are: Your primary use, blade length, fixed blade or folder, lock type, weight, type of carry including how you dress. Levi’s or suit pants? Will it mainly be used in a salt water environment? Or an office cubical?

Is thickness an issue? width? deep carry clip? Or do you prefer more handle exposed for easy access?
Some folding knives are pocket hog’s, while others virtually disappear clipped in your pocket.
Some folders open almost effortlessly while others have strong detents keeping the knife closed.
This is a primary function of lock design. Back lock’s, Liner locks, Axis locks are just 3 of many popular lock designs.
Lock type should be a primary consideration in your selection.

Its easy to talk your self into the latest super steel hard use tactical folder, but how will it carry for you on a daily basis?
And will you be comfortable using it on a daily basis? That depends primarily on your environment.
Most people end up with several nice knives they can every day carry. Depending on the day.
Selecting 3 or 4 nice folders over time that can cover about everything you will ever need.
From the twice a year Tuxedo event to cleaning fish / processing game to the common daily uses such as opening packages, box’s & mail.
Just know that one knife can seldom do it all. And hopefully our site can help guide you through the process of finding the perfect knife for your intended use.

Quality production knives today start at about $75.00 but most run in the $100 to $250.00 range. With some running higher depending on the materials used, build quality and tolerances..

Production knives in this range will have good fit and finish, very good blade steel, minimal to zero blade play, solid locks and are built to last a life time. Almost all manufactures in this range offer a life time warranty against defects and failure through normal use. So enjoy the hunt of finding your perfect knife.


Pocket Knives

Pocket Knives have been dated back to 500 BC. Basically its a knife with a blade that fits into its handle.

Once you get used to carrying one, it becomes such a useful daily essential tool, you will feel lost without it.
I have had friends that would say, “I don’t need to carry a knife” So I often give them one as a gift.
Within days they have all got back to me with stories on how there little folder has saved the day.
Simple things like opening packages, rope, food prep etc. Its just so handy you will not know how you ever got by without one.
Over the past 10 years pocket knives have improved so much its unbelievable.
Materials, Design, Manufacturing techniques and Competition between the industry leaders  have progressed to a point where today’s production knives are nicer than yesterdays custom knives. At a fraction of the cost.
This truly is the Golden age of Folding knives.


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Benchmade Knife Company was founded in 1988 in Southern California. In 1990 they relocated to Oregon and have been producing some of the worlds finest knives there since.

Benchmade started out being best known for there Butterfly or Balisong style knives. Then about 15 yrs ago Benchmade patented the Axis lock and never looked back.

In 1999 the Benchmade Model 710 McHenry & Williams folder with its Axis lock won Knife of the year. Since then the Axis lock has been incorporated on many of their knives with great success.

When you get used to carrying a folder and it becomes second nature, the lock mechanism also becomes 2nd nature. And for many the Axis lock is the only way to go.

benchmande brand

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Spyderco is based in  Golden, Colorado, U.S.A. Spyderco has brought some real breakthroughs to the industry  that are now common in most folding knives, including the pocket clip, serrations, and the ability to open a manual action folding knife with one hand. Thanks to the famous Spyderco trademark “hole” in the blade.

Spyderco has collaborated with over 50 custom knife makers as well as there own in house designs.

Spyderco is well known known for introducing new blade steels to production knives.  In 1994 Spyderco was the first company to use powder metallurgy in the form of “S60V tool steel” on a production knife. 

Today Spyderco continues as the leader in getting new blade steels to the production knife market. Steels such as S90V, ZDP189, H-1, PSF27,  CTS-XHP, CTS 204P, M 390, 3V, CPM 10V  just to name a few.

Spyderco continues to push the envelope in both the area of design as well as the use of new materials. Spyderco designs knives to be used. Some of the models may look different than “other” knives your used to seeing. Function over form still rules at Spyderco.  Thus producing some of the most ergonomic knives on the market today.

The companies philosophy is also worth noting: “Integrity is being good even when no one is watching”

Spyderco Paramilitary 2

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Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance (ZT) is a division of Kai USA Ltd. ZT brand went into production in 2006.

Zero Tolerance Knives are built in the USA for hard use. Designed for Military, Law enforcement professionals etc. ZT Has several models that fit that bill. But are more recently building tough, smaller knives built for the general public. ZT commissions some of the top knife designers for their collaborations and utilize premium materials and high end blade steels.

ZT is associated with terms like ” Built Like A Tank”, “Real Beast”, “Over-Built”, “Hard-Use Professional Knives”. A reputation that was earned and well deserved.

ZT 0620 Review



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