The 5 Best Costco Blendtec Blenders

Blenders are not the most exciting thing to shop for, believe us,  we know.

It is almost impossible to find a blender that operates at a low sound level, as we all recognize that blenders are the most noisy and irritating kitchen appliance.


Blenders can range from being hard to clean all the way to being hard to clean, hard to use, hard to read and everything get stuck in it, so you don’t even get all of your smoothie or soup.

Those are some big problems right there!!!

...that's why I am covering the Costco Blendtec today, let me explain:

It's quite, powerful, easy to clean and overall the best put together blender out there today. 

Take a look below where I breakdown the details of each Blendtec model so you can see which type is the best fit for you:

The Top 5 Best Bet Blendtec’s

#1 Choice - Blendtech Pro 800

Blenders tend to be excessively loud, it’s almost impossible to hold conversation or anything of the sort while a blender is going in the kitchen.

If you are anything like me, you have secretly or not so secretly wanted a soundless blender, well, here is the gold mine we have been looking for.

The Blendtech Pro 800 is an amazing countertop blender made with a sound dampening housing, this creates a more calm environment rather than ramping the energy and sound levels up ten levels you finally get to have that enjoyable cooking/blending experience. 

This Blender is not only near soundless, but it also has an 11-speed capacitive touch slider making operating this machine a piece of cake; all you have to do is slide your finger up and down on the screen and you are good to go.

The pulse setting on this blender gives a burst of high speed blending action for easy chopping of veggies and fruits or a quick chop of nuts for nut butter. There are six pre-programmed cycles that give grounds to create virtually anything with the Pro 800, from dips to margaritas to pancake batter!

Blendtech 750

A speedy, smooth blend is always a must and it has never been easier than right now. The Costco Blendtech 750 is a three horsepower blender capable of conquering even the toughest blending tasks.

Much like the Pro 800 the 750 also has a hushed sound, though not as much of a hushed sound as the Pro 800.  This is also a touchscreen system much like other Blendtech systems.

In this package comes the motor base, a Wildside jar and an 8 year warranty. The base is a high powered base capable of blending a higher speed than most blenders and the Wildside jar is perfect for getting close to every drop out of the blender.

This is a plunger-free, easy-clean jar design, with a unique blunt safety blade that saves all of us the hassle of avoiding our hands being cut by the blade.

Blendtech Designer Series

The Designer Series Blender by Blendtech is a 1560-watt countertop system with a 3-horsepower drive, that is surely capable of emulsifying even the toughest of foods.

The illuminated control surface is easy to read and equipped with universally recognized icons to make this top of the line Costco Blendtech easy to read and operate.

The Pro 750 is made of BPA free Triton plastic, BPA is a harmful chemical present in lots of plastics, thankfully Blendtech has our best interest at heart.

The cherry on top of this Blendtech Designer Series Blender is the recipe book full of 230+ recipes and the user guide included! 

Blendtech Classic Bundle

The Classic Blender Bundle comes with the motor base the Wildside+ with an extra wide base and a narrow 5th “Wild”side, as well as a Spoonula.

The Spoonula is a fun little addition to this package, it is also extremely useful in getting every little bit of smoothie out of the blender without having to hold it upside down for a few minutes at the very least.

Speaking of smoothies… this blender is equipped with a pre-programmed smoothie cycle, now you can’t tell me that is not really freaking cool.

The other cycles are clean, 60-second, 90-second, it also has five incremental speeds and a pulse feature.

Blendtech Classic

The Blendtech Classic is a simple to use, plastic based blender. The Classic has stainless steel blades, they have a dull design to make for safer and easier cleaning… with 1560-watts of power, I would make them dull too if I had a say.

The jar for the Classic is called the Fourside jar, it comes with a vented gripper lid and this jar is also compatible with any Blendtech consumer blender base. 

This commercial quality blender is used in coffee shops, smoothie and juice bars, as well as restaurants all across the globe, making it nearly impossible to turn down.

Who wouldn’t want a top of the line blender that also has hushed sound and the six most important cycles a blender could have; batters, ice crush, smoothies, ice cream, whole juice and hot soup?

I know I won’t be turning this one down, it is number one on my list of “to buys”. The Blendtech Classic fits in most any cabinet, if it doesn’t fit in any cabinets at your home it is also a very reasonable size to have on the countertop.


What is the Wildside blending jar for?

The wildside blending jar is a blending vessel used for maximum efficiency with larger blends. This jar was released in the Summer of 2010, now it is used widely with most every Blendtech Blender.