Costco Camping Stoves – List Of The Top 5

It is vital to think about what you will be eating and how you will be eating it while you are away. 


cold food lacking vital nutrients

A Costco Camping stove is an innovative way to bring the comfort of your home with you wherever you go, rather than risking an inconsistent cold food diet.

Cold food diets can lack vital nutrients for your body and can become rather bland over time, to avoid this it is practically necessary to either start up that fire pit or to go grab yourself a nice camping stove.

The best camping stoves, that will prevent this problem, are listed below. 

My Top 5 best Bets

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

This is a two burner versatile gas grill.

The two burners have a total heat power of 10,000BTU and they have a one of a kind round design.

A heat diffuser covers the two burners and it balances over the coated grates.

The stove has extra cook surfaces as well.

It also features a stove grill for pans and pots, providing flexibility far from home.

The lid of the grill can even be removed to suit big pots.

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE features an electric ignition, integrated tool hooks, and two side shelves on the control board.

The entire thing folds down for transport and storage, or up for cooking.

#2 Choice - Coleman Perfect Flow Grill Stove

coleman perfect flow grill stove

The Coleman Perfect Flow is one of a kind in that it joins a grill with a one burner stove.

This is a marvelous combination as you can grill up some hamburgers and hotdog whilst warming a pot of bean stew on the burner.

It has a compact design, and it measures just 6.5 x 15.5 x 23.75 inches and weighs just 7.5 pounds.

Both the grill and the single burner stove have a total of 10,000 BTUs of heat power, all that could possibly be needed for your cooking needs.

This stove is a magnificent stove and it will handle all your cooking needs.

You don’t need a lighter or matches to light it up as it has an inbuilt piezo ignite.

The side arms and folding lid block the wind, keeping a large portion of the heat on the burners, making your food cook quicker.

It features handles and a locking lid so it can easily be taken from your car or RV to the campground.

Mountain Man Grill & Griddle

mountain man grill and griddle

When it comes to wonderful things to bring boat/car, it is difficult to forget the Mountain Man Over Fire Grill and Griddle.

This grill essentially deals with any cooking needs you may have while camping.

Like any great grill, it is very strong, tough, and heavy as well; therefore do not think of taking it hiking.

The system is unimaginably straightforward, a big cooking surface that is held up by a pole pounded into the ground.

The grill can then be lowered and be raised giving your preference of heat. When not in use, it can be completely rotated out of the flame as well.

Furthermore, it is big so cooking for large gatherings is not an issue.

It's versatility and simplicity genuinely makes it an absolute necessity when weight is not a problem.

Coleman Triton+ Propane Stove

Coleman Triton+ Propane Tank

Triton 2 Burner Stove is a mid-range stove with its heat power totaling 22000 BTU.

It's working surface is made in such a way to enable you to cook simultaneously with a 12 in. (30.48 cm) dish and a 10 in. (25.4 cm) pan.

The stove is outfitted with PerfectHeat Technology and PerfectFlow™ Pressure Control System.

The latter gives a regular heat on all of the burners, and the former enables it to be adjusted to your preferred level. Therefore, it is very simple and easy to simmer on this stove.

It is quite easy to set up the stove, all you need to do is place it on a level surface, open the cover, get the windshields positioned, affix the bottle, and so easily, you are set for cooking.

You have two easily adjustable and independent control buttons on the front side, which gives cooking choices from boil to simmer.

#2. Camp Chef Stryker Propane Stove

Camp Chef Stryker Propane Stove

Stryker 150 goes with you to wherever you go.

It's compact and solid build makes packing it in and out easy, whether you are gone for the day or for the whole week.

Actually, every component of the stove, including 1.3 litre pot, the three legged stand, lid, and stove all fit perfectly into a bag.

With regards to cooking, this stove is always ready for a test.

It features a Heat Ring innovation, which means a half-litre of water can be heat in just two minutes whilst saving 30percent more gas than other stoves.

That implies you can dive directly into supper after a day of climbing and trekking.

Stryker 150 is equipped with all that you require—the mountain is all you are missing.


Which is the best between propane or gas camping stoves?

Both fuels are great. Your preference and the kind of camping you want to do determine the best one for you. The white gas stoves produce the most heat of all the camping stoves. It burns neatly with no smell or effect on the taste of the food. On the off chance that the fuel is spilled, it will vanish rapidly and won't leave a smell. Propane doesn’t give out heat as much as the white gas stoves, yet propane stoves are substantially less demanding to use. The propane comes in containers that are fastened into the stove, not dispensed into the tank via a little filler gush. To start a propane stove, just turn the gas on, and light the burner – simply like home. There are propane stoves that even have inbuilt electronic starters. This makes the change from cooking at home to cooking at camp less demanding for a lot of people.

How Does Altitude Affect Fuel Consumption and Cooking Time?

As you rise in altitude, the pressure of the atmosphere drops and water is boiling at a lesser temperature. For each 18 °F decrease in water breaking point, it doubles the cooking time. Thus, on the chance that you are intending to cook crude food at higher heights, make sure you bring more fuel. For rehydrating foods and boiling water, elevation doesn't have much effect. It really requires somewhat less fuel and time to boil water, although rehydration will take more time, which evens it out.