Costco Ceiling Fans, Our 7 All-Time Favorites

During those blistering summer days and stuffy fall nights, we know you’ll be looking for a way to cool down indoors.


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With the high cost and unattractive appearance of portable ac units, a great ceiling fan is an excellent, sleek and low-cost alternative to keep your home cool.

Even when the lows of winter roll around, you’ll find that the air circulation is much more multifaceted choice.

One thing that you must know before purchasing a ceiling fan is that you must have one that is efficiently built to save any money!

The issue is that with the large array of ceiling fan styles out on the market, it can be very difficult trying to find the right style that suits you best...

...That is why we put together this list of Costco ceiling fans so you can find the perfect one for your home. Check them out below!

The 7 Best Bets

#1 Choice - Hampton Bay - Hugger 52 In. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

5 Star Editorial Rating!

The Hampton Bay Hugger 52 in ceiling fan is a low-profile fan with an LED brushed nickel body.

This fan is absolutely perfect for anyone looking who loves a more natural style, as the walnut and maple blade finish gives off a simple, yet elegant look.

 It has 9-watt LED bulb providing excellent illumination and a 52in blade reach that works perfectly for circulation in rooms up to 14x14ft.

One of the great things about this fan is it comes lifetime motor warranty so you can rest assured that you will never have to worry about a fan fail costing you anymore.

Westinghouse - 7876400 Alloy 42-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Metal Indoor Ceiling fan is a bit smaller than the previously mentioned fan and works best for rooms up to 10x10ft.

We highly recommend this option to those looking for a fan with a stylish steel touch in smaller rooms.

The fan comes ready so that you can install a wireless remote, making powering on and off an absolute breeze!

This is a simple, sleek fan with the option of black or graphite color on reversible blades.

With two soft illumination 40-watt G12-1/2 light bulbs and motor lifetime warranty, you can have faith that this will satisfy all your needs for as long as you need it!

Hunter - 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

The WhisperWind motor built into this fan is an incredible addition to those who are seeking a fan with quieter performance.

With 5 beautiful Brazilian Cherry / Harvest Mahogany blades that span 52 inches, you know you’ll be receiving the cooling power you need in most all rooms.

There is no doubt that this fan is one of the best for seasonal use, as its’ reversible motor allows you turn from a summer downdraft mode to a winter updraft mode when the time comes.

This fan has a three light fitter with gorgeous marble glass that holds three 60-watt candelabra incandescent bulbs.

Hunter made this fan for those seeking a carefully crafted build and peak performance.

Westinghouse - 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse’s Industrial 56-inch Ceiling Fan is a durable fan built for commercial and residential spaces alike.

The style is a call to modern industrial aesthetic with a sleek nickel brushed finish and three-blade design that is perfect for cooling larger spaces like workshops or places with high ceilings.

 As is the case, it must be hung no less than 10ft above the floor for efficiency.

peaking of efficiency, the fan’s performance on a high-speed mode only utilizes 62 watts of energy, making it the perfect choice for anyone trying to cut back on their energy consumption!

The fan also comes with a wall attachment to adjust between 5 different speeds.

We highly recommend this fan to anyone with a large area to be cooled and to those who have a love for the tough, modern vibe.

 Westinghouse - 7801665 Comet Two-Light 52-Inch Reversible Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse’s Comet Two-Light 52in fan is a stylish, matte black / marble indoor fan with a cool frosted glass.

The plywood blades span up to 52in, perfect for any rooms under 360 square feet, with an ultra contemporary design.

 This fan, like other listed before, allows for motor reversibility and has a 3-speed design that is controlled by a hanging pull chain.

Backed by a lifetime motor warranty as well, this fan is an excellent choice for someone with a modern and innovative flair.

Hunter - Fan Company 51023 Conroy 42-Inch Onyx Bengal Ceiling Fan

If you’re in the market for a dark yet classy Mahogany design, this Hunter 42in Onyx Bengal Ceiling fan is perfect for you!

This is an excellent fan choice for smaller rooms no bigger than 100 square feet and delivers powerful yet quiet air circulation with Hunter’s unmatched WhisperWind motor.

The fan comes with 5 burnished mahogany blades and an Onyx Bengal finish on the metal.

The two 60 watt light bulbs that are included can be installed without a kit, making it easy for anyone to put together.

With a tough, yet beautiful design and ultra-functionality, this is a great choice that will not let you down!

Hunter 51059 Low Profile IV 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

Lastly, the Hunter Low Profile IV 5 Blade Fan is a small-sized 42in blade fan perfect for rooms under 100 square feet.

We recommend that the fan is used within rooms that have low ceilings.

The exterior design is a crisp, white finish, perfect for antique-style homes or modern-style furnishings.

It is a simple, clean design that reminds us of the traditional ceiling fan.

It comes with Hunter’s WhisperWind 3-speed motor so that functionality doesn’t interfere with any peace seekers


  What is the deal with the reversible motors?

Fans with reversible motors allow for different kinds of air circulation depending on the season. During the summer, fans should be spinning forward or counter-clockwise, while in the winter, they should be spinning in reverse or clockwise. The reverse mode pushes warm air that naturally rises back down into the room.

What number of blades is best?

In terms of having a dynamic and versatile fan that really circulates, three blades are best. This can sometimes create balance issues and that is why the five-blade style has become somewhat of a standard.

How can I choose the right blade span?

This is totally dependent on the size of your room as the larger the blades and diameter of a fan, the more likely it is to be able to cool down a larger room.