Costco Golf Cart Batteries, The 4 All-Time Best


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Golf carts: The Ferraris of the golf course...

Your cart helps you to sail through the grassy knolls, breeze in your hair, all while having the freedom of knowing you don’t have to haul that 30 pound golf bag around the entire day.

The main thing you should know about these gold carts is eventually your battery will die.

Your goal should be to find a battery that carry a charge over time that is ultra power-efficient, as well as has the ability to be put through numerous charge cycles without a ton of detriment.

A great battery will have balance between factors such as cost of maintenance, range, cycle life, etc.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 Costco golf cart batteries that we think you’ll love!

The 4 Best Bets

NPP 6V 225 Amp Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery

The NPP 6V 225 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to power up their golf cart efficiently!

The product is designed for golf carts, as well a number of other applications such as emergency systems, lighting systems, standby power supply, etc., making it a super versatile option.

The battery is made with an ultra rugged outer casing, meaning that if it is placed anywhere with strong heat, bad weather conditions, shock, or vibration, it will stand strong.

It offers 225 amps of power, and at about 10x7x10” all around at 74 pounds, it’s a logical size.

The deep cycle feature means that it is a led acid battery, designed to be regularly discharged using most of its capacity.

It’s also designed to very easy to install, and also requires no maintenance.

Universal Battery - Sealed AGM Gel Golf Cart Battery 

As a sealed lead acid battery, The Universal Sealed AGM is a very safe alternative compared to many golf cart batteries, as you will never have any issues with spillage. You’ll be able to mount the battery safely in any position, making it great for the golf course.

Essentially, if you have a tiny golf cart that can’t mount the battery perfectly at a certain angle, you’ll be happy to know it you can maneuver it a bit to make it work.

 As an added perk to the performance of the battery, it is shock and vibration resistant, giving it the ability to last for a long time no matter what kind of driving you’re doing.

Universal Battery really pride themselves on the high quality construction of their batteries, and this product definitely lives up to those standards!

Mighty Max Battery - 12V 35Ah GEL Battery Replacement for Kangaroo TG-31 Golf Cart  

Another excellent battery choice, The Might Max 12v 35Ah GEL Battery is a great product to keep your golf carts running swiftly and smoothly. It works as an excellent replacement for your Kangaroo TG 31 Battery.

One of the coolest features on this battery is that it is a gel cell, meaning that when it is charged, no hazardous fumes escape as all of the gases are processed within the battery itself.

This can assure you that you’ll be out of harms way as far as toxicity goes.

When the battery is fully charged, it acts as a true deep cycle battery, giving long lasting performance in a wide range of temperatures. Like the Universal battery, it can be mounted in any position, and also requires absolutely no added water or maintenance.

Lastly, you’ll be happy to know that the battery has the capability to take in extra electrolytes if you’re looking to extend battery life, though will work well right out of the box regardless.

Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105  

A great product by Trojan, this 6-volt battery is a flooded lead acid battery which have the longest life spans and cost per amp hour of any other kinds of batteries on the market.

 This is great for someone looking for a long term option, though they must know that it will require regular maintenance in order to take advantage of the long lifespan.

The batteries can power not only golf carts, but also many photovoltaic systems and other uninterruptible power supplies, making them super versatile.

One of the more unique features of this battery is the thick plate design that helps the battery to deliver less current.


If I have a flooded battery, how can I tell if it is bad?

If you want to troubleshoot your battery for any problems, the first thing you’ll need to do is completely disconnect it from anything that is delivering electrical loads, fully charge it, then disconnect it from that charger. Allow the battery to sit for about an hour and then measure the voltage. 6-volt batteries should not exceed a .15 voltage spread, and a 12-volt battery should not exceed a .22 voltage spread. If the voltage spread is a problem, make sure the gravity readings aren’t spread as well. This can skew the voltage reading. Make sure to equalize the batteries if the gravity reading exceeds .30, and then test the voltage again.

How is a flooded lead acid battery different than VRLA batteries?

Flooded lead acid batteries are easily the most common type of deep cycle battery. The main difference to most consumers is that lead acid gives them the ability to replace lost water through ports in the top of the battery. Flooded lead acid batteries are typically half the price of AGM or gel and twice the price of amp per hour. The main reason why people dislike these batteries is that replacing water can be a bit burdensome, though it is inevitable to retain a healthy battery life.

What is an amp hour?

The capacity of a battery is rated in amp hours. It basically measures how much amperage can be drawn from a battery at full charge over time until that battery is discharged. If you have a battery that pulled 15 amps over the course of an hour, the amp hours would be measure at 15 x 1 = 15 amp hours. It is pretty ordinary to find batteries that are rated at 20 hours.