The Top 5 Costco Golf Clubs

Whether you are brand new to the game or picking up the clubs again after some time out of the game, it can be a daunting prospect.


That said, there is nothing that can inspire confidence and a performance boost than a new set of clubs. Boasting the latest technology in the bag is never a bad way to start.

Here we guide you through some of the best Costco golf clubs on the market to help you ace your way around the course.


Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag

These clubs are an excellent starter club for those who are new to the game or perhaps people who may have played in previous years and who are looking to pick up a club again.

They are a top quality set with everything you need to shoot an excellent round on any course.

The Driver and 3 Wood have graphite shafts which work wonders for a little extra distance. They also have a very forgiving sweet spot if you don’t hit it just right.

Also in the bag is a hugely versatile hybrid and a putter with t style alignment which ensures pinpoint accuracy on the greens.

The durable and lightweight bag and accompanying bag stand put the icing on the cake for this excellent offering.

Wilson Golf Men's Ultra Complete Package Set

This superior set from Wilson offers an excellent choice for those who want to up the ante on the course.

With its head turning design, you will be looking the part as well as playing with confidence the next time you stride down the fairway.

The set is led by a large, 460cc titanium matrix driver which launches the ball off the tee with authority.

This can give you an upper hand in distance and line your shot up perfectly to be hit with one of the seamless irons, featuring an enlarged sweet spot.

Once you arrive on the dancefloor you have an alignment putter with soft paddle grip to make steering the way even more comfortable.

Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Package Golf Set

Another offering living up to its name is our final selection.

This truly is the complete package, suitable for new players who are searching for an awesome set to give them that extra edge.

This marvelous set also looks fantastic as you make your way through a round.

With the distance increasing club head and sweet spots from tee to green this package has your back.

The irons offer a light swing and effortless distance, while this pin-seeking putter will have you jumping for joy.

Convenient too with a well-fitting stand and club head covers.


Callaway Strata Plus Women's Complete 14-Piece Set

In terms of ladies sets, the Strata Plus is a fantastic option.

The 14 piece set is designed to up your game straight out of the box. The 460cc club head driver offering maximum speed and the distance to carry further than ever before.

Combining this with the most forgiving irons to date and a deadly accurate putter, you are destined for success.

The lightweight, 5 pocket bag offers maximum convenience combined with a stylish look in all conditions.

With a backpack strap, cooler hood and club head covers all included as standard, you will not miss a beat on the course.


Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag

Not to forget the future stars among us, the aptly named Confidence junior set will inspire just that in our fledgling hall of famers.

It comes equipped with a 3 wood, 9 and 9 irons and a putter. Everything we need to get started well.

With over-sized and extra loft fairway woods, pressure will be eased to enjoy the game. Together with the enlarged sweet spot on the irons and the game will seem ever easier for our young swingers.

Coming packaged with a neat stand, head covers and rain hood, our rising starts will be looking every inch the professional as they hone their skills for the coming years.


How Will New Clubs Improve My Game?

While golf, like so many other sports is hugely mental, in that, your performance will depend greatly on factors such as confidence and state of mind, top quality equipment is also key. A new set of clubs will not only advance your game in terms of adding new features such as graphite shafts which are proven to increase distance. It will also improve your confidence levels, feeling proud and comfortable with your new set. All these factors combined will help to improve your game.

Why do I need so many clubs?

This may be a common question from a new player, seeing so many clubs in the bag can be confusing, especially when you have hybrid clubs thrown in to the mix. The answer is simply that each club has a distance it can make the ball travel and depending upon your course position and situation, you may need to alter your club selection for the best results.

How Important is a quality Putter?

Putting is possible the most mentally challenging part of the game. This is where it really helps to have confidence in the club you are holding. A top quality putter will not only instill stability in your putting motion, but also in your belief.