Costco Heritage Gun Safe Review

Every time we hear about a death or accident that was the result of poorly stored guns, we’re deeply saddened. The most unfortunate part about these accidents is that they are easy to avoid with a bit of extra care. If you own a gun or multiple guns, having them stored away in a locked container is extremely important.

It’s not safe to keep a gun sitting around in your closet or under your bed, though unfortunately, many gun owners choose to do so. If you consider yourself a responsible gun owner, then you’ve come to the right place.

With a multitude of gun safes on the market right now, finding the perfect one can seem difficult. For us, the choice is easy. Stick around as we take you through our Costco Heritage Gun Safe review to find out more about the best gun safes on the market today!

Heritage Security Products 24-Gun Electronic Safe Review

Heritage Security Products 24-Gun Electronic Safe

Heritage Security Products 24-Gun Electronic Safe


  • Fire and waterproof design
  • Built-in electronic lock
  • 24-gun capacity
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Five 1.5” active locking bolts
  • Three deadbolts

The Heritage Company has been around for a few decades and is now one of the most reputable brands in safe storage that is around. Beyond designing some of the most high-end gun safes out there, they are also about making their safes affordable for the common gun owner. For great deals at and low price security, this company has exceeded expectations.

From heavy-duty gun cabinets to smaller pistol security containers, Heritage has tons of options. For the serious gun owner, the 24-Gun Electronic Safe is a solid choice. It is both fireproof and waterproof, meaning it can stand a temperature of up to 1400-degrees Fahrenheit for 75 minutes and up to two feet of standing water for 72 hours.

It comes complete with a backlit electronic lock that utilizes an Alarm-U function for added safety and theft deterrent. It’s perfect if you are worried about someone breaking into your safe while you’re sleeping. Of course, there is also a standard key that is included. 

The external hinges allow you to open the safe door at a 180-degree angle. This helps to provide complete access to the safe. There is also a handy LED light bar that has been factory installed. This helps you to view the items stored in your safe, as well as store and charge other valuables. 

In terms of overall safety, the Heritage 24-Gun security safe is equipped with five 1.5” active locking bolts, as well as three deadbolts. If you are in the market for a high-end safe for your guns, look no further.


  • Low price for the high value
  • Top-notch security features
  • Cant store many guns


  • Very heavy and difficult to transport


How Do I Change The Combination On My Heritage Gun Safe?

All Heritage Safes have different styles of locking, so changing your combination will depend on the product that you have. If your Heritage product features tumblers and a manual lock combination, then you will need a licensed locksmith to change the combination for you. You must register your new combination with Heritage.

If you have an electronic lock, you can change your combination at home, though you must do it as soon as you arrive at home for the best safety assurance.

  • The factory code on your Heritage safe will be 123456# if you have an S&G symbol on it. Use this factory code to open your safe door and make sure to keep your door open for the duration of your combination change.
  • Choose your new six-number master code. Make it memorable in some way.
  • Type in “74*123456#”. The lock will chirp, letting you know that your code has been entered.
  • Next, type in “1*(new master code)#”. The safe will chirp a few times. When it stops chirping, enter the new master code again and follow it with the pound sign.
  • Test your code before shutting the door.

1.5 inch locking boltbuilt in electronic lock

How Do I Move A Heavy Gun Safe?

The idea of moving your heavy safe around can be cumbersome. Safes are heavy because added weight means added protection. To make impenetrable security, it is necessary for manufacturers to add more material. Unfortunately, moving an incredibly heavy item like this can be a bit of a hassle.

Here are a few ways that you can make your safe transportation easier:

  • Use a Furniture Dolly: Furniture dollies are excellent for moving larger pieces, though they don’t cost very much, making them an easy investment. Of course, if you’re moving a large item up stairs, it might not be the best, though for moving across flat surfaces, dollies are wonderful.
  • Create A Transportation Strategy: Before moving, strategize. You want to have an exit plan and a proper transportation vehicle in place. The last thing you want is to get caught in a pickle where moving your safe becomes difficult or nearly impossible. Try to keep in mind that you may have to move up or down stairs, around corners, or through tighter corridors.
  • Protect Your Surroundings: We recommend wrapping your safe in a heavy blanket or heavy-duty bubble wrap, as it can help to protect the floors and walls in your home, as well as any other breakables around the moving path.
  • Ask Others For Help: Don’t try to move your gun safe on your own. These things are heavy and they are not meant for one person. Don’t get yourself caught in a tricky situation because your ego won’t let you ask a friend for some moving help!

Final Thoughts

The Heritage Company prides themselves on their commitment to public policy. They make a big point in keeping your guns safe from thieves, but an even bigger point of keeping children safe from accessing guns.

They comply with the Department Of Justice policy on gun storage while still offering a wide variety of different products for every gun owner. Heritage has some of the most high-quality and innovative products on the market today, though still, they are able to keep budgetary restrictions in mind when they price their product. 

With features like heavy, steel construction, electronic locking mechanisms, and beautiful interior designs, a Heritage safe is a no-brainer when it comes to security. Ready to do the right thing? Head on down to Costco to find the best price deals on these awesome safes.