The 5 Best Costco Inversion Tables

Did you know that around 10% of the world's population suffers from some form of lower back pain?


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You’d be forgiven for thinking that because back pain is such a common issue, we’d know more about what causes it and how it happens, yet recent statistics show that only around 1 in 10 Americans find out the primary cause of their back pain, even though the majority of them report that this back pain negatively affects their ability to do daily tasks, exercise, and even sleep at night.

If you are looking to prevent or to help ease problems in your back because your life too is being negatively affected by back pain, it could be worth looking into a Costco inversion table to ease your troubles.

After all, with $50 billion per year being spent in the U.S alone on back pain treatment, it’s easy to see that people don’t know where to turn when it comes to easing their aches.

Here is a round-up of the best inversion tables, for you to review and pick from.

The 5 Best Bets

#1 Choice - Teeter ep-560 inversion table

The ep-560 has a unique and rather striking Ergo-Embrace Ankle System which ensures that your body weight is distributed appropriately around your feet and heels while you are inverted, therefore reducing the stress that is felt by these areas, leading to a much more pleasant inversion experience.

It also comes with a trademarked comforTrak™ Bed that flexes to fit your particular body shape, therefore making this inversion table one of the most comfortable on the market.

The ep-650’s plastic bed is durable and easy to clean, so that you have the peace of mind that your inversion table will last through the years. In fact, it even has a manufacturer’s warranty of five whole years!

Kettler Apollo Inversion Trainer Table

The Kettler Apollo boasts an exceptionally strong and robust tube frame made of precision steel, which is able to hold a weight of up to 110 kilograms, or 242 pounds.

 It features a foot holder that is designed specifically with safety and ease of access in mind, for when you are having an independent inversion session, but don’t want to spend too long setting up the table.

It also has safety mechanisms to ensure that the table does not malfunction or “somersault” and that instead you are kept in a steady and still position for the most pleasant and soothing inversion experience possible.

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table

The ITX9600 is accessible to a wide range of people, as it is fit for people ranging from heights of 4’10 to 6’6, and can also hold a weight of up to 300 pounds, or 136 kilograms.

It features an adjustable headrest pad for added comfort, which also helps in finding your centre of gravity for a better inversion experience.

 It boasts an ankle holding system that reduces the pressure and stress on your ankles while inverted.

Overall, it is a simple design that is functional, and made so that even a novice can quickly get to grips with it.

Exerpeutic Inversion Table

Exerpeutic Inversion Table

The Exerpeutic Inversion Table can also be adjusted to heights ranging from 4’10 to 6’6, and comes with a soft foam padded backrest which offers increased relaxation during your inversion experience.

It's heavy-duty and durable frame can also hold up to 300 pounds at a time.

The table was designed with comfort and safety in mind, and features long and looped handle bars and an adjustable tether strap for increased safety during your inversion experience, with the handle bars also assisting in getting you back into an upright position at the end of your session.

Foam rollers and ankle cushions are built in, to ensure that your ankles are held in place securely and comfortably.

The table is designed so that it can be operated by one person, without the need for assistance from anyone else.

Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table  

he ITM4800 comes with multi-mode massage settings that you can choose to operate automatically or manually for a wide array of massage experiences.

It also comes equipped with an adjustable headrest pad for increased comfort and relaxation during your inversion session, and it is able to accommodate users ranging from heights of 4’10 to 6’6, with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

It has an in-built Foam Comfort Backrest for extra padding while you are inverted, as well as a head pillow that you can remove based on your preferences.


How do I know if inversion tables are the right choice for me?

Simply put, if you suffer from any of the following issues: back pain, muscle spasms, muscle tension, or some form of a spinal issue, an inversion table can help to ease the pain and aches that these conditions can cause you in your daily life. Inversion tables receive rave reviews, and it’s worth trying them out for yourself. However, remember to always consult with your doctor first.

What separates all the various models of inversion tables?

The key differences you need to look out for are: differences in the weight and height capacity and differences in the padding of the design and mould. You also need to evaluate which inversion tables you can use independently in your home, and which require the assistance of someone else to get you on and off the table, and then choose one that fits your requirements.

What should I do if I am a beginner?

If you are just starting out with inversion therapy, it is recommended that you speak first with a specialist who can show you how to safely operate the machine, so that you are not at any risk of harming yourself during your session. After that, watch tutorials and exercises on YouTube, and visit the various websites that are dedicated to back pain and inversion therapy, and trial out one or two of the beginner exercises found on there. Once you are comfortable with them, feel free to move on to the more advanced moves. But as mentioned before, consult with a health specialist to ensure that inversion therapy is safe for you first.