List Of The Top 5 Costco Lawn Mowers

Don’t make mowing the lawn a chore, make it easy, make it enjoyable and most of all make sure it quality...


...Yes, all three of those things are possible, whether you believe me or not is up to you.

For larger lawns someone needs something like a riding mower, for a small yard someone will most likely use an electric mower or a manual push mower, either way, our Costco Lawn Mower List below covers every type. 

Here we have some mowers for you to check out and learn about what options there are in the lawn mowing world.

Believe us, there are many more on the market than you would think, many different kinds too.

Check our FAQ section at the end of the article to learn more about the kinds of mowers and what will work best for you!

Our 5 Favorites

Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin 724cc Zero Turn Mower, 54" 

Husqvarna's new joyride, Zero Turn Lawn Mower, is a stylish, durable mower made just for someone who needs a large mower to cover a lot of land.

This bad boy makes mowing the lawn seem like less of a chore and more of a pass time.

The V-Twin engine, powered by Briggs and Stratton features chrome plated valves, supreme air filtration, super finished bearing surfaces and for extreme durability and premium performance it has an oversized cooling fan.

Air is not only drawn in from the top deck but the bottom as well, improving the grass lift and bringing forth an excellent cut. The cutting deck of this robust machine is reinforced with heavy duty steel, making for a very durable mower. 

Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower 

This premium neighborhood mower is slightly smaller than the aforementioned Husqvarna V-Twin, which is great for smaller portions of grass or land that needs to be mowed.

 The blade width on this riding mower is 30-inches, this calls for easy storage in a small shed or in the garage.

This mower could even be used for landscaping jobs due to it being midsized and easy transported as well as it having much of the same if not better qualities than the other guys.

The gasoline tank capacity is 1.3 gallons, perfect for smaller projects as mentioned before. 

Husqvarna 961450023 HU700H Honda 160cc 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Mower 

This model of Husqvarna is made with a 160cc engine, it has a manual mow option, making it easy to maneuver and move at your own pace.

This mower has an awesome 3-in-1 steel mower deck that gives the option to mulch, side discharge or bag your grass.

Another phenomenal feature that this feature has is the all-wheel, hi wheel and low wheel drive options. The handle bar on the mower is also adjustable making for a more comfortable mowing experience.

This specific mower happens to be cheaper than the prior mentioned riding mowers, while holding many similar qualities. This an awesome mower for at home use in smaller yards and grassy areas. 

GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20-inch Lawn Mower 

Greenworks has released an electric mower with a 20-inch blade, this specific push mower is relatively inexpensive and has much of the awesome qualities of higher priced mowers.

Having an electric powered mower is one way to keep things green while mowing the green, in a sense.

This mower has a similar 3-in-1 as the Husqvarna push mower mentioned before, with the option to bag in the rear, mulch or side discharge.

Another great feature on this mover is the height adjustable blades, you can adjust your cut height from 1 ½ inches to 3 ¾ inches. 

Great States 415-16 16-inch Reel Mower 

This is a very easy to use, manual reel motor, no mess, little clean up and it will always work, no matter if it is raining or beautiful outside. This is the perfect mower for an individual with a small portion of land and is very ecofriendly.

This no gas, oil or spark plug mower is a dream to those who are tired of the consistent maintenance of other gas mowers, one great thing that could be appreciated as well is the heat treated blades that make for a longer lasting, sharper blade.

This little guy is in the shape of a T and has an adjustable blade, mind you, you must change both sides in order for the blade to spin and cut properly.  


What are the different kinds of small yard mowers are available? 

There are three different small yard lawn mowers; a push reel mower, which is a small manually propelled mower, there is the corded electric motor which is just as ecofriendly and the push reel mower, lastly the cordless electric mower, this is a rechargeable battery-operated mower. 

What are good mid-sized mower? 

The walk behind push mower, the walk behind self-propelled mower and the riding mower, each of these are good for a medium sized yard. 

What would a good mower be for a large yard? 

There is the lawn tractor, the garden tractor and the landscaping companies favorite, the Zero-Radius Turning Mower. 

How often do I need to Service My Lawnmower?
You should endeavor to have your lawnmower serviced at least once a year. This should include a check to all serviceable parts such as spark plugs, air filters, levers, and a change of oil. You should also make sure to keep your blade sharpened and balanced and the tires inflated regularly. 

How do I Make Sure My Mower Blade Stays Sharp?
You can perform regular sharpening on your blade (at least once a year). You can do this yourself, either manually sharpening with a file or using an angle grinder. This is only advisable if you have some experience. If not, then it is best to leave blade sharpening to a professional. 

Factors to Consider When Buying


When purchasing your new lawn mower, the price will always be a key consideration. It may be tempting to purchase the most expensive lawnmower you can see, and this may be OK depending upon your budget constraints. You should, however, consider the fact that you will have other expenses in the lines of maintenance, fueling and storage. These can add up in the long run. Value depreciation is another area to consider, along with the lifespan of the lawnmower vs the cost.

Garden Size

Of course, a key consideration when choosing your new machinery will be the actual size of your garden. For most, a simple push lawnmower will be quite enough. The purchase of a sizeable ride-on lawnmower could be viewed as a waste of money or in the worst of cases simply not feasible due to a lack of space. If you are the owner of a large sized garden though, this is a choice you will have to make.

Running Cost

Something which many people will neglect to consider is the running cost. This will include fuel and other issues which will require servicing and upkeep throughout the years. A lawnmower, after all, is a motorized machine in most cases, and just like your car, can be subject to engine troubles and a host of other issues. Naturally, the running cost associated with lawnmowers tends to rise as the engine size increases. This means that ride-on lawnmowers will typically be the most expensive to run.


Another important consideration to make which many forget to make is storage space. This will go a long way in determining the size of the lawnmower you purchase. There should be at least adequate and sheltered space to safely stow your mower. As mentioned, this place would preferably be a garage which is sheltered and where there is ample space to move your lawnmower in and out. The bigger models, especially ride-on mowers, will of course take up considerably more space.

5 Pro Tips to Mowing Your Lawn Better

Everyone wants their lawn to be mowed perfectly, even if that is just to show off to your neighbors. It is not as easy as it looks to get things perfect though. So here are a few professional tips to help you out:

  1. Never remove more than one-third of the grass length in any one outing.
  2. Focus on the center of your lawn as opposed to the edges, you can get these with one final lap of the perimeter and it will all a professional style framing to the end product.
  3. Mow sloped and shaded areas one setting higher than other sections.
  4. For damp or long grass, slow down your mowing speed.
  5. Remember to keep your mower blade sharpened to avoid your cut lawn having a frayed look. 

Conclusion - Which One Should I Get?

Which mower to choose will be primarily based on your budget and garden size. Another factor which may influence your decision is your physical condition. Regular push mowers may be perfectly suitable for small to mid-sized gardens where the users are in decent physical condition.

For larger gardens or when people start to get into their advancing years, a ride-on lawnmower may be more ideal. If you have a tiny space or want to be more environmentally friendly, then a reel mower could be the perfect purchase for your home.