Costco Magic Bullet Ultimate Review

We all remember those half-hour long infomercials of the Costco Magic Bullet, the blender that can do any job “within seconds.”


You know what I’m talking about, right?

The whole put your fruits and veggies in the blender, press, twist and watch it fly thing, that is what I am talking about.

During those infomercials they taught us some pretty crucial things about our diets and what they should look like if we want to be healthier. 

 If you don’t remember those infomercials, don’t feel too bad, but that definitely means you need to tune into this. 

The Original Magic Bullet

5 Star Editorial Rating!

The Magic Bullet is a one of a kind machine. It is the predecessor to the Nutribullet another nutrient extractor, the Magic Bullet was the first in its class.

The Magic Bullet is known as America’s original nutrient extractor, making it a product that most blender companies have to consistently top.

Alas, there is barely any competition for the Magic Bullet blender.

We recommend this product to anyone looking for a better more comfortable diet, to those who need something to help ease the stresses of chopping/grating cheese, even those who just want a smaller blender in their kitchen. 

The Original Magic Bullet is equipped with an extractor, twist on cross blade to ensure maximum precision and to allow you to puree just about anything within seconds.

The blade quite obviously need some kind of cup or container to connect to, so there are three cups included. The cups included with your Costco Magic Bullet are (1) tall 18 oz. cup, (1) party mug w/handle (18 oz.) and (1) 12 oz. short cup. 

What causes the time saving efficiency you ask? It is the cyclonic cutting zone. The cutting zone is caused by the bullet shape of the Costco Magic Bullet cups, the food being blended at the bottom gets pushed to the top and what is at the top gets pushed to the bottom.

Sounds a lot nicer than shaking my current nutrient extractor a few times in hopes that it will get some sort of unstuck result. 

The Magic Bullet is known to be a versatile little machine, not only does it puree different fruits and veggies into a smooth cream, but it can also chop, mix, whip and grind. If you are looking to get some new recipes out of your new machine I highly recommend using the included, 10 Seconds recipe book.

Pro's & Con's

  • Grinds down beans and seeds well
  • Purees everything: good for a salsa/cocktails
  • Containers are microwave safe
  • Cup and lids are top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Easy to store and allows for extra countertop space
  • Stop and shake becomes a problem occasionally
  • Grind and puree features are the most prominent, the chop feature is a bit harder to accomplish
  • Change extractor blades every 6 months


Another Insanely Popular Model By The Maker: Nutribullet

The makers of the Magic Bullet have done it once again with the NutriBullet.

The NutriBullet sold 14 million units from 2012 to mid of 2015, making it one of the most popular blenders in history.

The NutriBullet has been an uncanny challenger to many nutrient extractors out there, as it has a compact size and some of the most revolutionary characteristics of most nutrient extractors.

The NutriBullet is an easy to clean, easy to use product with a whole lot of power.

Yes, this may be a compact blender, but it puts out a max of 600 watts to ensure you get the most out of your blending, or should I say, extracting experience.

This is a “novice” blender, due to its excessively simple composition, but no matter your culinary skill level, the NutriBullet will make you feel like a culinary genius!

As this is a nutrient extractor, the NutriBullet an extractor blade that fits on all NutriBullet cups.

The maximum capacity of the NutriBullet is 24 oz, so be sure not to go overboard with any new recipes!