List Of The Best Costco Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam was created in the 1970’s and initially used by NASA to protect and advance the comfort in airliners for pilots and passengers.


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Memory foam is also known as “temper foam”, this stuff got its start in a fairly cool way, but even better than that the use has evolved so much and allows everyone the same comfort that airliners had in the 1970’s!

Today, memory foam is a major form of comfort all around the world, it can be used in beds, pillows and even on airplanes!

Yeah, basic polyester fiber filled pillows are great if you are looking for a lumpy pillow and a kink in your neck, don’t settle for that.

Treat yourself to a far more comfortable, form fitting micro-fiber pillow and allow yourself joy and ultimate luxury.

Our Top 4 Best Bets

Coop Home Goods - PREMIUM Memory Foam Pillow

Coop Home Goods' Premium Memory Foam Pillow is awesome, not only is it comfortable but it is everything you look for in memory foam pillow.

This product is fully customizable in size, so a burly woodsman could get his fill of comfort or a petit young woman.

To adjust to personal comfort you add or remove foam.

Coop Home Goods has a special formulated memory foam that is above satisfactory in comfort.

We recommend this awesome adjustable pillow for camping out in a tent or in a cabin, we know you won't be disappointed by the absolute homeyness you feel with this pillow.

Sleep Innovations- Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations - Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow is one a one of a kind memory foam pillow that was created with the shape of the human head and neck in mind.

This pillow is extraordinarily contoured to perfectly fit you neck needs while you sleep.

Comfort and quality are so important and the delivery of that is present with this pillow.

This is a great pillow to pack away in a bag for a trip or even to leave in your car just in case you may get stuck in the rain or snow, even if you're just looking to make a quick pitstop.

You could rely on Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow to deliver not only comfort and durability, but above all joy.

Hollander Foam Essence Memory Fiber Pillow

Hollander Foam Essence Memory Fiber Pillow

The Hollander Foam Essence Memory Fiber Pillow is elegant yet hardwearing and comfortable made from a memory foam like fiber, enveloped in a 300 thread count, Jacquard Fabric case.

The trademark SMARTfill technology used in the pillow gives a fluid-like movement to the pillow, this causes pressure to be evenly distributed.

The great comfort provided by this pillow is perfect for the outdoorsman and woman alike to enjoy the comfort and safe feeling away from home.

Camping always calls for a load of blankets and pillows, this may be the perfect set of pillows to check out at Costco or another retailer that holds them.

Novaform Core Comfort Memory Foam Pillow

Novaform Core Comfort Memory Foam Pillow

Novaform Care Comfort Memory Foam Pillow has three distinct layers that were created specifically for support and comfort, to create a luxurious experience wherever you may lay your head.

The two outer layers are composed of memory foam that help to adjust the neck and head to help you better relax and feel cozy.

The third layer of this product is the gel micro-cushions that are encircled by the outer layers, these micro-cushions are there to create airflow for a cool feel.

The gel infused micro-cushions also help to provide continuous support. This pillow does not lose shape, ever, but is completely moldable to whatever shape pressed against it.

This is a durable product that is wonderful for all sleeping needs, we recommend it for camping, but it can be used just as well in the comfort of your own home.

When camping you need something strong and compatible to accompany you and feather or fiber filled pillows don't necessarily do that, which is exactly why we feel this is a better bet and most likely your best.


What is the difference between memory foam and traditional stuffed pillows?

Memory foam pillows are composed of memory foam also known as polyurethane foam, this foam softens when heat is applied, which is why your head leaves an indent on the pillow. Traditional stuffed pillows like down pillows are stuffed with duck feathers, these tend to need fluffing often due to how soft they are.

How often should I change my pillow?

A memory foam pillow or down pillow with decent structural integrity should be change every 18 to 36 months. If you are using an inexpensive polyester pillow, replace it every six months.

Will I need anything else?

Of course! There are plenty of other items that are needed like a bed, comforter, night stand and the list goes on. For all of those items and more I recommend HomesDirect365 as a great place to start. 

Why choose memory foam over down or polyester stuffed?

Choose memory foam because of it's benefit to your neck health and posture. With memory foam pillows you have support to your head and neck that you typically don't with down or polyester pillows.