List Of The 4 Best Costco Pontoon Boats

A Summer spent fishing on the lake is not as fun when you stand out on the shoreline, it is much more enjoyable and interactive to use a single-person or multi-person Costco pontoon boat...


...Pontoon boats are made with large metal or plastic tubes on both sides and a small or large platform connected to the tubes. 

Pontoon boats as opposed to a traditional fishing boat maintain a more affordable price, more efficient size and storage, and awesome durability.

Luckily pontoon’s are on the rise in popularity among fishermen and people looking for family fun alike.

When looking for one you’ve gotta make sure you want metal or plastic, whether you want a small rubber pontoon with a mesh net to sit or a large one with a metal platform to stand.

There are choices to make when it comes to these and we have the variety you need right here, check ‘em out.

Pontoon fishing image

What is a Pontoon Boat?

Pontoon boats are mainly flat shaped boats which rely on pontoons, otherwise known as floats, to keep the boat floating. The often have shallow drafts. This means there is not much of the boat below the waterline, reducing the risk of running aground.

Pontoon boats are often seen as a good combination between fishing boats and skiing or sailing boats. They are spacious and flat which gives them a more room-like feeling of stability.

The 4 Best Bets

This inflatable pontoon boat, the Colorado model is definitely in a class of its own, with its customizable storage space made possible by its removable gear bags.

Along with this awesome customizable storage space there are other features that are quite fetching, such as the six-position rod holder.

This pontoon has a convenient cleat and pully anchor system attached, helpful for when you'd like to stay in one place for a while or dock your pontoon.

The Colorado XT is extremely heavy-duty, the frame of the vessel is made of powder coated steel, while the 9-foot pontoons are composed of an abrasion resistant PVC on the bottom and tough nylon up top. 

See what makes this a #1 best selling boat, view the product page here. 

#2 - Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat 

The Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat is an incredible mid-sized, heavy duty product, excellent for those who enjoy a good day of fishing out on the water.

This is an inexpensive water vessel, all while having the same upper division qualities as the aforementioned Colorado XT.

The pontoons on this bad boy are 8 feet long, so slightly smaller than other pontoon boats on this list, but nonetheless a great size.

The pontoons on this vessel are composed of that same abrasion resistant PVC and tough nylon from the Colorado XT.

The Roanoke is a lightweight boat perfect for agile, comfortable maneuvering around whatever body of water you find yourself in.  

#3 - Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Tube 

What is a fishing tube?

A fishing tube is like an innertube except made much like a small platform/pontoon boat.

 The Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Tube is an awesome one-person float, made for absolute luxury and practicality. 

While this is a high-end product, it lacks the high-end prices, most would expect.

The Cumberland has a padded, adjustable seat, two cargo pouches, two drink holders, two rod holders and a large mesh platform.  

#4 - Classic Accessories Wilderness Pontoon Boat 

This pontoon boat is an awesome one-person vessel, it has a fold down swivel seat and adjustable footrests.

The Wilderness Pontoon has a very high storage capacity; it includes six zippered pockets, six mesh pockets, a battery platform and wire rear storage.

We must mention that the engine is not included, this boat can be used with a 36" shaft electric motors.

We find this to be an awesome "sit back and relax" pontoon boat, great for fishing or just cruising the waterways, there's no doubt you won't be disappointed.  


What were pontoon boats originally used for?

Back around 50 years ago a man in Minnesota had thought to make a water vessel that was capable of comfortable family outings, thus the pontoon boat was born and well the rest is history. 

Are Pontoon Boats Safe?

Absolutely. The shallower draft of a pontoon boat means it is much less likely to run aground at any point. This can be ideal for the less experienced, or those who like to fish in shallower waters. Regarding capsizing, pontoon boats have a well-distributed weight thanks to their width; this makes them difficult to flip although you should follow regular coats guard safety advice.

How Fast Can a Pontoon Boat Usually Go?

Most pontoon boats can reach a speed in the range of 35kph. This is not overly fast for top speed and still possible to maneuver quite safely at these types of speeds provided the water conditions are agreeable.

Buyers Guide: Facts to Consider


Depending on the size of the pontoon boat you have in mind, the cost can vary greatly. This high variance can run into large amounts in some cases. Therefore, it is naturally essential that you define a budget before going out in search of a pontoon boat. Another critical point to remember is that the cost of the boat itself is only one element. Much more important are the long-term costs including storage and upkeep of your new boat.


The size of your deck will likely have some correlation with the price. You should identify, at least in broader terms (small, medium, large) which deck size is most appropriate for you. This will not always be exact but should correspond to how many people will regularly be using the boat. Naturally, larger families will require more space if that is your intention.

In the case of smaller, inflatable pontoon boats, you will have to decide if you would prefer a single seater or multi-seater boat.


Of course, you will need a place to store your new purchase. Depending upon the size you have chosen, this can be relatively easy or more difficult. Regardless, you will need some type of garage or suitably spacious storage facility with a covered roof which is dry and free of any other obstructions which could damage your boat.


It’s one thing being on the open water, but just how you will get your boat there is something you will need to consider. Most likely, you will have to purchase or have access to a trailer for transporting your boat to and from the water. If you don’t already have one, this can represent a significant cost increase for you. You will also need to make sure that your car is equipped to tow the trailer with your pontoon boat on board.


This is one point which many customers overlook. The cost of purchasing the boat can in fact be much less than the cost of future maintenance. You have to consider how adept you are at diagnosing issues and if you could be well placed to maintain your own boat in future. This would be a great cost saver. If that is not the case, then you should also factor in the cost of running repairs from experts which can mount up over time and sometimes unexpectedly even with a new boat.

Conclusion - Which One Should I Get?

When considering which pontoon boat to choose, one of the biggest considerations is likely to be space. If you are planning to be a regular user who would like to enjoy a little more room on board, you should go with one of the larger models.

In the case of the more advanced models, it would be ideal if you were a more experienced boater. On the other hand, if you are buying your first pontoon boat or plan to use it sparingly, the smaller, single person models will be more than sufficient.

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