The Costco Rain Boots Top 6 List$pdp-image$

From the puddles of rainy streets to glitzy and glamorous stages of the high fashion world, Costco rain boots go far beyond the splish and splash of muddy waters.


Originally named “Wellies” from Arthur Wellesley of the 19th century British aristocracy, the first man to ever wear this style of boots, Wellies became a statement for the rich in terms of fashion.

Midway through the 19th century, a man name Hiram Hutchinson bought the patent for natural rubber footwear to help create what would become the rubber rain boots we all know and love today!

Check out this little list that we’ve thrown together of some our personal favorites in rain boots for men, women, and kids.

Womens Top 2

Hunter Women's Original Tall

The Original Tall Rain Boots are handcrafted from 28 different parts helping to maximize fit and comfort for all users.

These boots are known to be a bit heavy, though that comes with the high durability of their natural rubber sole and build.

The rubber build makes these shoes 100% waterproof and the textile lining gives them a comfortable, breathable feel.

With an iconic style, it is perfect for anyone looking for a mix of aesthetic and utility.

 Kamik Women's Jennifer Rain Boot

These Kamik rain boots are a durable and practical option for running around in the wet weather and stylish enough make a fashionable impression on a night out with the ladies.

The decorative side-buckle and patch acts as an easy tightening mechanism to make sure the boots fit perfectly!

All of the boots are made to be 100% recyclable with a very lightweight synthetic rubber, 50% lighter than most natural rubbers.

Each boot comes with a 16” height and an average 15” in circumference.

Mens Top 2

The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore

Have you ever seen a rain boot with a completely breathable top section?

We hadn’t until coming across the Adult Chore Muckboots. With a breathable air-mesh lining and a 5mm layer of CR Flex Foam insulation, these boots are the perfect candidate for all day work in total comfort.

An inserted steel shank makes for extra arch support and ultimate protection from anything that might puncture from underneath.

The internal comfort of the boot isn’t the only reason to buy these boots as the outside is just as incredible! The outsole is made of a super durable, non-slip, and very easy-to-clean rubber that will keep you safe in the nastiest work conditions.

The last great features are the triple toe and quadruple heel rubber reinforcement, making these boots a true industry standard for a safe and sturdy work boot.

 Sorel Men's Cheyanne Lace Rain Boot

Sorel has put out a half-rubber half-leather lace rain boot perfect for a casual outing or a heavy rain.

This rain boot is an extremely versatile piece of footwear with what Sorel calls a “Thinsulate” lining that ensures warm and dry feet throughout the day.

 With a vulcanized rubber shell, herringbone outsole, and seam-sealed waterproof construction, you can rest knowing that your feet are tucked inside and powerful boot at a solid price!

Kids Top 2

 Lone Cone Children's Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots

Lone Cone Children’s Waterproof Rain Boots are a must have for your small children who love to splash around in the rain!

The shoes are 100% soft, flexible rubber with easy-on handles for the little ones to put on themselves.

 The soft fabric lining and lightly padded footbed help to assure your child’s comfort in these ultra durable boots.

With an array of patterns to choose from, Lone Cone Children’s Rain Boots will have your child ready for adventure in style!

Western Chief Kids' Light-up Rain Boot

Last up in our best picks for boots, we have Western Chief’s Light Up Rain Boots for kids, the absolute coolest pick we must say.

Not only will it protect your little one from wet weather, but will also light up with every step, making it an exciting piece of footwear for them and a beacon of safety for others.

Like the Lone Cone boots, these also come with the easy-on rubber straps, as well as a 100% soft, flexible rubber to allow your kids to jump, hop, and run in ultimate comfort.

With a removable eva insole, they also make them easy to clean.


Can rubber be repaired if it is punctured?

Absolutely! Most rubbers can be repaired fairly easily with a sealant found in any local hardware store! The best thing to do is clean the punctured hole with mineral spirits before applying the sealant on like a thin film. Most major sealant companies suggest a 24-hour period to air dry before using the boots again.

Will wearing rubber rain boots protect me from a lightning strike?

There seems to be a common misconception about this old wives’ tale. The rubber in your soles are no match for a high-voltage lightning strike. Luckily, they will keep those socks looking swell.

What kind of rubber are rain boots made from?

Most all rain boots are manufactured from a vulcanized rubber that was invented back in the early 19th century by Charles Goodyear, you know, the tire guy. Luckily, he allowed Leverett Candee, now one of history’s biggest rubber manufacturers, the rights to use his patent to develop the first rubber piece of footwear in 1842.