The Ultimate Costco Total Gym Review

Did you know, The Costco Total Gym is so strong that is uses Chuck Norris to workout?


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That’s right, this all-in-one line of home fitness badassery has been backed by Chuck Norris for the past 3 decades as one of the most collectively versatile, affordable, and successful result-yielding fitness gyms there is.

Let’s be honest, people will often say that exercise is not a part of their life because they don’t have the time, yet they know that exercise is the path to superior health.

The beautiful thing about having a home gym is that it takes away the stress of paying for a membership, having time constraints, and not having access to all of the equipment that you need.

A quality, top-notch home gym is an absolute necessity for the busy fitness guru, and that is why we have made a list of 5 Total Gyms home fitness gyms.

The 5 Best Bets

#1 Choice - Total Gym XLS

Total Gym, one of the forefront products in the home fitness industry, has put out their most exceptional piece of equipment, the Total Gym XLS.

The machine has a 400lb weight capacity for extreme support and a remarkably smooth pulley and cable system.

This machine is excellent for a full body workout as it includes 80 exercises that target every major muscle group. It is a sturdy machine with a sleek design.

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 It comes with wing attachment and leg-pull attachments, as well an array of accessories including a squat station, ankle straps, and pulley.

The most practical trait of the Total Gym XLS is that it folds up into a compact form for optimal storage capability without any assembly required. This is the top-notch model of Total Gym for any serious fitness guru!

Total Gym 1900

The Total Gym 1900, just a step down from the XLS, is a glide-board based full body workout machine giving a seemingly effortless feel to an array of 60 exercises for all major muscle groups, most of which work simultaneously.

With a dozen calibrated levels ranging from 3-45% of one’s body weight, the variety of exercises for any strength level are endless!

When purchased, the Total Gym 1900 will arrive completely assembled with a practical folding mechanism for storage capability.

 This Total Gym model is perfect for anyone from beginner to expert level.

It even comes with two exercise DVDs so you can stay rest assured that you’re performing the exercises correctly!

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Total Gym 1400

Looking for a sturdy, compact total body exercise machine that can take care of all your strength and cardio needs without busting the bank?

A machine that acts as a solid, multi-functional fitness apparatus at half the price of Total Gym’s top models with similar features?

If that is the case, then the Total Gym 1400 is the perfect one for you! The Total Gym 1400 boasts an easily adjustable single bench design that can be quickly adapted to an array of heights, angles, and resistance levels for a varied home workout.

With an upper weight limit of 250lbs and a machine weight of 75lbs, it is an extremely compact design with a tough and durable hold.

The Total Gym 1400 features 8 calibrated levels of body weight resistance, a range of useful accessories including a low row bar, late bar, dumbbell set, and more, and a 50-minute exercise DVD.

Total Gym 1600

The Total Gym 1600 is a deceivingly elementary piece of home gym equipment that enables the user to attain a full body workout in no more than 20 minutes.

This model of Total Gym, like some of the others, has instructions that show you how to do 60 exercises ranging from cardio to strength training to stretching.

This gym system allows for users up to 250 pounds with a range of 8 resistance options perfect for the whole family.

Included with the gym is a dip bar and a press up bar for all upper body workouts, and a complementary, multi-function leg pulley for all lower body workouts.

The Total Gym 1600 is a very impressive full body workout machine for an incredible price. It is surely a great option for someone who is a beginner in the home fitness world.

Total Gym 1100

This is a home gym that will give you the versatile full body workout that you’ve been looking for as a home fitness beginner, with its’ multi function bar attachment that will help you to execute an array of exercises targeting every major muscle group.

The machine comes equipped with a 6 level bodyweight resistance system for all users and a smooth sliding board for a comfortable workout.

When purchased, you will receive an in-detail exercise guide that teaches you all about the workouts you can perform.

Most of these exercises can add up to a complete full body workout in no more than 25 minutes!

Though not the best for experienced bodybuilders, this Total Gym model is perfect for any man or woman looking to get in shape or build a bit of muscle.


What are the dimensions of the Total Gym?

The total gym when unfolded is 19”W x 90”L x 43”H. When folded and stored, it is 19W”x 51”L x 9”H


What is the Wing Attachment on the XLS model?

It is a bar attachment that can be attached to the top or bottom of the machine to help perform an array of exercises from pull-ups to push ups to sit ups and crunches.

Is the Total Gym worth the money?

Many people doubt the Total Gym because of its glossy marketing campaigns and high price. The thing is, it is an extremely valuable piece of home gym equipment that any person can get a challenging workout on IF they utilize it correctly. Making sure to use the exercise guides and performing the workouts that fit best to your needs and strength will optimize your experience with the Total Gym.

Can you purchase add-ons or replacement parts?

Yes! The Total Gym website offers and array of attachments for all Total Gym models to help you build the perfect Total Gym for you!