Costco Vitamix Blenders, List Of The Top 6

Life is full of choices, some are easy to make and others tend to be more difficult. Choosing a blender/nutrition extractor shouldn’t be one of those difficult decisions, it should be a fun experience, an enriching one.


Vitamix brand logo

The only things you have to worry about are size, which one has what you need and what color fits your kitchen space best. 

The Vitamix company has come a long way since their first released model. Heck, they have six that we have to tell you about. That’s how far they’ve come. 

I couldn’t imagine making a raw egg and eggshell smoothie like it was once demonstrated during the first Vitamix infomercials, but I can definitely picture myself drinking a nice pina colada by the pool.

With any Vitamix blender it is absolutely possible to make the best pina colada you have ever had.

Vitamix blenders are known to accomplish any task thrown their way, from soups, to different kinds of batters. If you’re feeling really adventurous, maybe you’ll give the  tasty egg and shell smoothies. Whatever works for you.

With most of these blenders it is even possible to make different kinds of flour, batters and if you really want to be extravagant you can go for some whipped cream or a killer waffle batter.

Check our six favorite Costco Vitamix blenders, maybe you’ll find the perfect match for you.

The 6 Best Bets

#1 Choice - Vitamix 780

5 Star Editorial Rating!

Touchscreen is in these days, as it saves the hassle of broken buttons and makes for an easier to clean and operate device, whatever that may be.

Luckily, you don’t have to search far for a touchscreen blender, because we’ve got a fantastic one right here.

The Vitamix 780 has a responsive touchscreen control panel, the screen is LED and made of reinforced glass that is capable of resisting scratches and cracks. Now, doesn’t that sound nice?

This will come in useful for a busy kitchen or for those who have kids that like to toy around with your kitchen appliances, if neither of these apply to you, this is still an awesome product for a conversation piece and even more so for a sleek touch to your kitchen’s design. 

Aside from the stellar touchscreen features, there are 5 pre-programmed settings and a pulse that is excellent for salsas.

This blender operates at 120 V, 50/60 hz and 12 amps with laser-cut stainless steel Hammermill and cutting blades, making for an excellent blending experience that will leave you with a perfectly emulsified, chopped or mixed product.

Space won’t be a worry with this blender, as the 780 has a low-profile 64 oz container specially designed with all matters in mind, not one task is too big or small.

While that is all fine and dandy, the 64 oz. container and blender base are capable of fitting in most cabinets/cupboards.

With that, this blender is absolutely worth the praise it has received as it could bring to light a whole different side to cooking.

Fruits, veggies, squashes and different kinds of root veggies will be your new best friends when you get to playing with this new toy.

Vitamix 7500

It’s hard to tell with preprogrammed settings on blenders/extractors whether the blades are going too fast, but see, there’s a catch, not all blenders are guilty of that and this is one.

The Vitamix 7500 has a variable speed dial that is made to control the speed of your blender. As this blender is maxed out at 2.2 HP it is a no brainer having the speed dial.

The pulse feature on this thing is also considerably awesome, it works precisely and quickly to chop or mix anything you choose.

I recommend using the pulse feature to chop cheese or to break down vegetables, even to mix a cake batter! 

Aside from the snazzy pulse feature and the variable speed dial, this product comes with four containers, one being a low- profile 64 oz. another being a 32 oz. used for dry grains, beans, etc. and lastly the two extremely convenient 20 oz. to-go cups.

The spill-proof vented lid has a plug for adding ingredients in safely all while ensuring a mess free entrance for you fruits or veggies.

The containers included in this package are equipped with a soft-ergonomically-designed handle.

With all of these great features, the 7500 is made to fit in most cabinets and it is made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester.

The system contains a radial cooling fan for maximum breathability to avoid overheating, it also has a thermal protection system serving relatively the same purpose in protecting the machine itself.

When extraction blender comes to mind, you probably think of standard stainless steel extraction blade that need to be changed every six months.

We say pish posh to that and would like to introduce to you the unique laser-cut, stainless steel Hammermill blades, these are sure to slice through anything with maximum precision. 

Vitamix 6500

This low-profile Vitamix brings out the culinary genius in any and all chefs, it can make even the novice chef feel like a culinary mastermind.

The 6500 comes complete with two extensive cookbooks and an awesome DVD with blending tips to help you create your favorite and best dishes with the help of the Vitamix 6500. 

When it comes to the operations of this fine machine, they are impeccable.

With a variable 10 speed control, 2  HP maximum maximum output and three excellent pre-programmed settings that will automatically process your favorite purees, soups and shakes.

This Costco Vitamix comes complete with a high powered base that is equipped with a radial cooling fan, to keep the base from getting too warm, and a 64 oz. blending container.

The 6500 is exceptionally easy to clean, all it takes is some soap and water  and to run on high for 30 secs and it is done!

Vitamix 5300

Who needs  2.2 HP blender? You do. Yes, you. The Vitamix 5300 is an excellent way to experience, high speed and low-profile blending at its best, with that 2.2 HP base and 64 oz. container you can make just about anything you need to.

This blender can fit in most cabinets too making it extremely convenient.

To add to the list of awesome features, the 5300 has variable speed control to make different textures possible and the speed can even be changed during the blending process.

Along with the variable speed control there is a pulse feature for coarse chops opposed to a smooth puree for thicker soups, salsas and maybe even some homestyle mashed potatoes.

Folks, these laser-cut Hammermill and cutting blades will not let you down, this a product that will last you a lifetime.

The 5300 will make your high end household kitchen feel complete, like you never would have dreamed!

Vitamix 5200

If you’re looking to spice up your kitchen with a new blender or you are simply just browsing around, this is an awesome blender to check out.

The technology used in this blender is an absolute knock out.

Not only is the technology awesome, but the look is purely original and truly classy. 

This specific blender/extractor comes with a 64 oz “wet” blade container and a 32 oz dry blade container, these are equipped with unique steel hammermill “wet” and “dry” cutting blades. The “wet” blades are used for things such as fruits and frozen desserts, pumpkin purees, etc.

While the “dry” blades are used to grind different foods, such as coffee beans, beans,, grains and rice, all of which could be ground into a fine flour within seconds. Seconds, you ask? Yes, seconds, as this specific blender has a blending speed from 11 mph up to 240 mph.

Better not put any hands in this one or any one for that matter.

The last technical masterpiece included with this blender is the accelerator tool, this tool is made with a collar to prevent tool to blade contact.

The accelerator tool is fairly useful when you are processing thicker mixtures as it easily helps mix the harder to reach areas.

Remember when I brought up choices?

This is one of those simple choices; red, white or black?

Your blender should be the ultimate, especially if you are going for a high quality extractor as such. It is fairly cool that there are color options as not all blenders do and if you are going to a retailer, I could bet that there will be a lack of color selection.

Though color choices are great and all, they aren’t much when you have an unreliable blender to use. So, Vitamix did what they do best, creating an awesome lightweight, low friction ball bearings to ensure a lifetime of use from this specific machine.

If purchased the 5200 comes with two cookbooks, Introduction to High Performance Blending  (includes 60+ recipes) and the Whole Grains Cookbook. This is more of a beginning extractor/blender for those who have less experience.

Vitamix A3500

Brushed stainless steel has never looked so good, if you don’t believe me see for yourself! The A3500 is a limited edition, low-profile blender, made to fulfill all of your blending needs.

There are five program settings and a pulse feature that allows a more manual blending experience. The touchscreen interface on this blender is is easy to clean and has a variable speed control programmed.

There is also an extremely  programmable timer to prevent under mixing and over mixing, when the timer finishes the blender will automatically turn your A3500 off. 

The coolest feature, in my opinion, about this blender has got to be the wireless connectivity base that can read any size container, when it does this the blender will adjust its program settings and maximum blend time accordingly.

Powerful and quite intelligent in a way, this blender will fit well in any kitchen for everyday use. Smoothies and pancakes are on the menu for us, what about you?