Costco Water Softener Reviews

While drinking hard water isn’t going to kill you, having a Costco water softener system in your home can help get rid of the negative qualities that it brings to you and your family.

When it comes down to it, installing a filter or some other kind of system is a simple decision that can bring about many health benefits.


Many think of a product like this as some sort of luxury that only those with a disposable income would ever purchase.

We’re here to show you that, not only is that not true, but to also help you find the perfect water softener system for your home.

Whether it’s a Costco whole home water softener or a single sink softener, we’ve found some of the best out there.

What is a Water Softener?

Water softeners are exceptional pieces of equipment for use in the home or workplace which remove “hard” elements from your water supply. These elements are namely calcium and magnesium minerals which cause limescale and what we refer to as “hard water.”

Water softeners usually use a twin tank system through which the hard water passes as it enters your home. These tanks are filled with food-grade resin beads. The beads within these tanks act as a sort of magnetic force to attract the calcium and magnesium ions within the water.

This means that after the water is circulated and released for your consumption, it has been “softened.” This mineral removal process can mean a much easier future for you as hard water often accounts for a lot of damage to piping, appliances, not to mention personal difficulties with bathing and drinking water.

Our Top Recommended Water Softeners

Our #1 Pick - Aquasana Whole House Water
Aquasana Water Softeners

  • Work Time: 10 Years or 1 Million Gallons
  • Natural Salt-Free Softening
  • 7 GPM Flow Rate

#2 - ABCwaters Water Softener
ABCwaters Water Softener

  • Work Time: 10 Years
  • Utilizes Standard Brine Tank
  • 12 GPM Flow Rate

The 4 Best Bets

Whole House Water Softeners

Aquasana Whole House Water Softener System

Moving up to the high-priced options, the Aquasana Whole House Water Softener System is a great contender for the best at only 6.5 pounds.

 Chlorine and other synthetic chemicals are no match for this salt-free softener that also protects your pipes from corrosion.

This specific model is built for the entire home and lasts for 10 years or one million gallons. The pro-grade installation kit with brass fittings is easy to maintain over the years as well.

The design is very unique in that it comes with dual tanks to give water more time in the decontaminant process. This is done without the need to back flush, drain, or waste any water. If you need to change a filter quickly, the shut-off valves help bypass the system. Enjoy solid flow rates of 7GPM in this highly functional 9 x 46 x 69 inches unit.

#2 - ABCwaters built Fleck 5600sxt water softener

ABCwaters built Fleck 5600sxt water softener

If you want a whole home water softener but don’t want to lay down a few grand, the ABCwater softener with its 48,000-grain capacity is a solid choice.

It’s a high-functioning water softener that helps filter out harmful contaminants with the long lasting and upgraded cross-link resin media.

You’ll get on-the-dot readings from the pre-programmed metering system too so you can stop guessing if it’s doing its work! Feel safe as both the 11” standard brine tank and 10” mineral tank are backed by a 10-year warranty.

The installation on this system is very easy despite the fact that the unit itself is pretty heavy.

Sink Water Softeners

#1 Choice - iSpring RCC7 Water Filtration & Softener

iSpring RCC7 Water Filtration & Softener

A great system that comes at a mid-range price is this excellent system by iSpring. With some pretty advanced features, this water softener removes 99% of over 1000 contaminants including lead, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, and many more.

The benefit that the filtration system brings is removing larger contaminants and protecting the reverse osmosis membrane from chemicals before it filters down to bottled water quality. All of this happens in a 13-pound system that is only 14.5 x 5.2 x 17.5 inches.

So yea, besides being the only top rated reverse osmosis filtration system, it’ll fit easily in any place you decide to install it. It’s an extremely versatile unit that can filter up to 75 gallons per day for you and your family.

The unit won’t have any issues with leakage either, as the push-to-connect color-coated tubing stay on tight. The color coating also makes installation incredibly easy since the company knows most of their customer base has the DIY attitude.

 This is without a doubt one of the best filtration systems out there and it will provide crisp and clear water for you day and night.

#2 - APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Softener


Next up we have the APEC Top Tier 5-Stage RO Softener. The faucet that it comes with is lead-free chrome while the tubing is JG food grade. It’s made to be very simple to install with a step-by-step online tutorial.

As for the build, he the double carbon blocks kill the 99.9% of chlorine that you can typically taste and smell.

Durability is also part of the game, as the prestigious JG tubing and special o-ring provide the ultimate protection against leakage.

Plus if you ever need to replace them for some reason, it is easy and affordable. While the flow may be a little slower with a system like this, the reverse osmosis system is definitely worth it! The unit itself is double the weight of the iSpring filter, though will still easily fit in any space you decide to put it in.

Costco Water Softener Salt & Pellets

MORTON SALT 1499 25lb Systemsaver Pellet

These Morton Salt pellets have been designed to remove hard water minerals and help prevent mineral build-up from in your pipes and appliances.

This can help extend the lives of components in your home, as well as clean your water softener while it is working. They are some of the cheaper pellets out there, which is great if you’ve already spent a good amount on your filtration system.

Even with that being said, they are NSF certified and many of the big softener manufacturers highly recommend them. The 25lb bag is also convenient as many bags come in 50lbs and are heavy and awkward to carry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a water softener for my home?

There are many great benefits to having a quality water softener in your home. Here’s a little list of some of the best reasons we can think of:

  • You won’t have to repair your pipes as often, as these systems get rid of the tough calcium and magnesium that builds up and damages them.
  • Prolong the life of your clothes by using cleaner water to wash them
  • Make your skin and hair look and feel healthier. Hard water can dry out your skin and hair much more than you may think.
  • Cut down on the maintenance of your major appliances.
  • Give your water a fresh and crisp taste as if it was coming straight out of a bottle! Many people live in places where tap water can smell or taste funky because of heavy mineral content.
  • Lose the water spots! Mineral build up is one of the main reasons you constantly find water spots on your dishes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have shiny glasses with every rinse?
  • Increase the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system. Not only does soft water increase a heating and cooling system’s efficiency, but it also reduces output and can help you save a substantial amount of money on your next electricity bill.

Are there any cons to using a water softener?

Because most softener systems utilize sodium, if you are on a low-sodium diet or are trying to avoid it as much as possible, this may be a reason to avoid using one.

What are the negative effects of hard water?

The main issue with hard water is that it scales the insides of your pipes and can shorten the lifespans of your major appliances like your dishwasher or washing machine. Hard water can also dry out your skin and hair and add unnecessary chemicals to your water that can make you sick in time.

How can I find out more about the contents of my water?

If your water system is public, you can easily contact your local plant and ask them about their testing records. If your system is private, there are test kits that you can purchase to find out more about your water at home, such as hardness levels, iron type, pH levels, and more.


A problem with too much hard water in your home will present itself in a variety of ways which should become apparent to you quite quickly.

You may begin to notice a buildup of mineral deposits on your appliances such as your kettle. These buildups are usually white in color and easy to spot.

Your skin may become itchy and broken. This is a telltale sign. One of the issues with hard water is that soaps and shampoos become less effective. This all means that the hard water is not nourishing your skin, just drying it out, which leads to these problems.

If you are noticing stains on your bathtub or you are constantly having issues with your homes piping systems, these can all be considered clear signs you should invest in a water softener to help combat the problem.

Buyers Guide - Facts To Consider


The condition of your appliance and piping of your home will go a long way to showing just how much of a hard water problem you have in your home. Hard water wreaks havoc with appliances and piping, therefore, the worse the condition of these two things are, the more advanced system you may require to install. In the toughest of cases, you may need a whole house, top-tier water softener to help solve your issues.


Another key indicator in regards to how bad the water problem is comes from you. Hard water can often lead to skin irritation and problems. This is alongside the difficulty in bathing, ineffectiveness of shampoos and soaps to combat the limescale scum left behind by the hard water and the inability to drink any of the natural water supplied to your home.

If you feel like these issues are really causing irreparable damage to your daily life, or even health, then it may be worth the investment to purchase a more advanced, whole house solution. Regardless of what you choose, you should first have an independent expert review your homes water quality.


Undeniably, regardless the size of your water problems, the price will become a factor in many cases. The price difference between the most basic or introductory level solutions to hard water and the most advanced complete home systems is sizable. This is a factor which you have to carefully weigh-up. In this case, it is also important to consider the value and impact on your quality of life and how much you are willing to spend to restore this.


The larger, complete home solutions, can take up quite a bit of space. It is essential to identify where you have enough space and the most efficient area to place the system. This is something which you should consider after consulting with an industry professional. If you are space conscious, you may want to consider other alternatives such as sink water softeners and pellets.


As mentioned in the previous point, there are a number of options for your water softening system which will depend mostly on the severity of your problem. For those with a wholesale problem, certainly a whole home system is the most ideal solution. For others though, if the problem is quite mild or they are facing other constraints, there are the options of sink-only systems which do a marvelous job on water filtration coming through your sink area, and water softening pellets or salts designed to perform a direct action against hard water build-ups. This ultimately extends the lifespan of your pipes and appliances is an excellent basic solution which can even act in tandem with home water softening systems.


Conclusion - Which One Should I Get?

Ultimately, the final purchasing decision will be up to you as the customer. Considering the points we have mentioned in regards to the severity of your hard water problem, space, and pricing, these are all critical factors to consider when making your final choice.

The best initial course of action would be to have the issue investigated by a professional. Following their review, you can make your choices depending on the severity of the issue. Families may want to opt for whole home systems to provide themselves with the added peace of mind and the assured comfort of healthy water flowing through their home.

If you are single or a busy professional, you may not spend all that much time at home and if your issue is not too severe, perhaps purchasing pellets or a less advanced system can be quite sufficient. Whatever your choice, there are a number of solutions on the market to satisfy all of your criteria.