Deep Freezer Costco Review

As our family continues growing, so does our need for additional food storage, if you find yourself in the market for larger freezer space, Costco deep freezer section is the ideal place to begin your search.


Whilst it may not be necessary for everybody to increase their freezer space, it can be highly beneficial and cost saving for individuals and families.

By increasing freezer space, you can not only take advantage of bulk purchase discounts, you can also keep your existing foods fresher for an increased length of time. With that in mind, here is a review of some of the best quality deep freezers on offer.

The Top 4 Review

#1 Pick - Danby Deep Freezer, 7.2 Cubic ft.

Danby Deep Freezer, 7.2 Cubic ft.

The slightly larger Danby Deep Freezer is still very manageable in terms of size and weighing in at under 100lb, can still be placed around the home with relative ease. This model, as well as providing ample storage space within its 7.2 cubic feet, markets itself as being hugely energy efficient. This can be a big bonus feature for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint or energy costs.

The storage temperature can be manually set between 10.4F and -11.2F using the conveniently front mounted manual thermostat. This allows you to easily adjust based on storage needs and outside temperatures if that is a factor.

It features a sliding storage basket, handy for storing smaller frozen items and one compartment divider which can assist in keeping your foods well organized. In the case of defrosting, there is a front mounted drain which provides easy access to allow the water to run off.

This freezer could be very suitable for a larger family who require additional freezer space but due to space restrictions, may require a more adaptable, home friendly, deep freezer.

#2 Igloo Deep Freezer Energy Star, 5.1 Cubic ft.

Igloo Deep Freezer Energy Star, 5.1 Cubic ft

This 5.2 cubic feet deep freezer makes for an excellent overflow facility in any home. Its size is convenient enough and compact. This allows it to fit in almost any location. It features a manual temperature control dial which can be accessed from the front. This allows for temperatures as low as -18 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is a very versatile device, featuring a recessed handle, which is great for saving space in a small area. On the inside, it features a wired container basket, ideal for storing loose or smaller frozen items. Alongside this, there still remains ample storage space for your bulk purchase bounties.

It features a manual defrost, the drain for which is positioned conveniently to allow for easy maintenance. The biggest selling point for this freezer may be that the operating cost on a yearly basis is extraordinarily low. This enables you to rarely worry about additional energy cost whilst benefiting from the extra space.

#3 Magic Chef Deep Freezer, 3 Cubic ft.

Magic Chef Deep Freezer, 3 Cubic ft.

This small, front opening freezer, designed in traditional refrigerator type style, first catches the eye thanks to its sharp, stainless steel exterior and combination of black and gray. This freezer will both stand out attractively and help you with additional freezer storage.

Weighing in at just around 60lb, the Magic Chef freezer is also high movable to any part of the home or office. This is the ideal solution for short-term freezing of items, especially during summer or in hot weather areas.

The recessed door handle also helps to save space and it is fully shelved inside which allows for easy separation and organization of item. It features a full range of temperature control and a manual defrost capability for ease of maintenance.

This would be an ideal freezer for a student or individual living alone who still likes to cook and store a variety of frozen items at a low electrical cost. 

#4 Whynter Energy Star Freezer, 1.1 Cubic Ft.

Whynter Energy Star Freezer, 1.1 Cubic Ft

Available in two stylish colors, this ultra-compact model from Whynter provides the perfect short-term solution to freezing items in the office, dorm room or studio apartment. It is highly movable, extremely quiet and freestanding. These attributes make it perfectly suited to the environments mentioned.

From a cost perspective, it is negligibly cost efficient to run. This is good both for you electrical bill and also from an environmental standpoint. It features mechanical temperature control which can be set between -2 to -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its recessed handle means not only can it save more space but also looks very stylish for your home or office.  With its full internal shelving, the compact space can actually turn out to be deceptively large. A perfect purchase for those hot sunny days or if space is at a premium.


What are the benefits of purchasing a deep freezer?

There are multiple benefits associated with purchasing a deep freezer, namely, these are that for busy families you can avail of a lot of additional storage space for frozen items at a low additional electrical cost. Secondly, having the additional space allows you to preserve items longer and avail of more multi-purchase discounts.

How much money can a deep freezer save on a yearly basis?

The amount can vary and although deep freezers are highly energy efficient (the electrical cost is extremely low) it is usually the case that your power bill would increase slightly as you are likely to use the deep freezer in addition to your current freezer. There are great benefits to be gained in other areas though.

How much space is required?

The deep freezers we have reviewed are all remarkable compact and easy to transport. In most cases, there width will not be more than a standard doorway and although many use basement or garage space, it is entirely feasible that you could use additional kitchen space.