Dyson V8 Costco Review

So listen, I know that you don’t get out of bed in the morning hoping to come across the best damn vacuum cleaner review that you’ve ever seen (trust me, neither do I).


But tough luck, you found it. I know, I know, it sounds cocky right? Well once you see everything that the Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner can do, you’ll see where this confidence comes from. So stick around and I’ll tell you all about a certain vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck (in a bad way).

The Costco Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner was engineered to outperform many of the traditional vacuums that clutter the market, while doing so in a convenient cordless design. Coming in at a weight of just over five pounds, this vacuum was clearly designed with portability in mind.

Featuring a plethora of useful accessories and attachments and a revolutionary digital motor, you would be hard pressed to find a job that this vacuum cannot handle.

The Review

Dyson V8


  • Dimensions: 9.8” x 49” x 8.8”
  • Weight: 5.75 Pounds
  • Suction Power: 115AW
  • Bin Volume: 0.14 gallon
  • Battery Life: 40 mins

Features and Benefits

Lightweight and cordless design

Dyson has proved once again that portability is an achievable feature for powerful vacuum cleaners. With its cordless design, balanced and lightweight motor, and wall docking station, this vacuum is easy to take wherever you need to go. Like all of the Dyson cordless vacuums, this device can easily be converted into a handheld unit. This makes it perfect for any minor spills that don’t require heavy vacuuming. Its various accessories and attachments allows the Dyson V8 to clean areas that other vacuums simply cannot.

Powerful suction

While the Dyson V8 may be one of the more lightweight and portable vacuum cleaners on the market, it does not compromise on suction power at all. The Dyson V8 digital motor was engineered to differ from other portable vacuum designs. Rather than simply reducing the size of their normal vacuum motors, they created an entirely new motor that spins up to three times faster. This high speed is what generates the incredible suction power, allowing this vacuum to perform so well while keeping portability in mind.

Up to 40 minutes of battery life

For a cordless vacuum, battery life is a very important factor to consider. The Dyson V8 is capable of performing for up to 40 minutes of continuous vacuuming. This gives you an ample amount of time to clean the entire house, and its convenient docking station makes charging the device very simple. Charging times will vary depending on battery life, but for a full charge it will take around five hours. While this may seem like a substantial amount of time, the battery life of the Dyson V8 gives you plenty of time to get the job done.

Easy to clean hygienic dirt ejector

One of the most highly praised features of this vacuum among consumers is its incredibly easy to use cleaning system. With a trash can nearby, simply pull up on the dirt ejector handle and the bin will automatically be emptied in a single motion. This completely eliminates the messy cleaning operation that is common among standard vacuums, and makes it less likely for the vacuum to be clogged by built-up debris.

Extremely versatile with included accessories

The vacuum cleaner provides so much versatility thanks to the numerous attachments that are included. Two seperate cleaning heads allow you to easily switch between carpeted and smooth surfaces. A convenient docking station lets you keep this vacuum out of the way, and its simple release system makes it easy to remove the vacuum and hang it back up once finished. A multitude of attachable accessories allow you to spot clean in tight spaces, easily vacuum your mattress, and even remove cobwebs and other debris from the ceiling.

HEPA filtration

One of the easiest ways to keep your home allergen-free is by using a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filtration. These work so that any allergens and other fine particles will be trapped in the filter rather than being blown back into the air. The Dyson V8 features two stage HEPA filtration, with a pre-filter that will collect any small particles so that the main HEPA filter can capture all of the allergens and expel cleaner air.

Pros and Cons

● Extremely maneuverable. Thanks to its swivel head and the many included attachments, this vacuum cleaner is able to fit into just about every nook and cranny you can find. Its lightweight cordless design makes using this vacuum on stairs, mattresses, and even ceilings a breeze.

● Easy to clean and switch between accessories. With the simple press of a button you are able to switch the motorized vacuum head with any one of the many included accessories. Also, emptying the bin of this vacuum cleaner is simple and mess-free thanks to its innovative design.

● Powerful suction. For such a portable vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V8 is extremely powerful. Its digital motor was specially designed to spin up to three times faster than traditional motors. This coupled with its two tiered cyclones and max power mode make this one of the most powerful cordless vacuums on the market.

● Battery life is reduced by motorized heads. While this vacuum may have a long lasting battery, its battery life can be reduced by using the motorized heads and max power mode.


Exactly which attachments and accessories are included with this vacuum cleaner?

This vacuum cleaner comes with a docking station, soft roller cleaner head, direct drive cleaner head, combination tool, crevice tool, mini soft dusting brush, mini motorized tool, mattress tool, up-top adaptor tool, flexi-crevice tool, extension hose, stiff bristle brush, and a 12V car charger.

Will this vacuum cleaner work on deep pile carpeting?

The Dyson V8 is suitable for flooring and carpeting of all kinds. The max suction power mode is great for cleaning deep pile carpeting. 

Is this vacuum suitable for cleaning dust, pet hair, and other fine particles?

This vacuum is great at cleaning debris of all sizes, including pesky pet hair. With the
included attachments you are able to clean hair off of stairs and other hard to reach