ESEE 4 Review

A knife needs to be flexible enough to be used in a variety of scenarios and yet tough enough to last through the ages. There are a lot of knives out there which is why it is getting harder and harder to find the knife that has both of these qualities. Some knife makers bank on the “look” of their knife. Some make knives that look tactical but have limited application while some knives that are made specifically for one purpose. Gone are the days of Rambo-looking knives. Today’s knives are relatively small to be stored easily but has an edge that you can depend on when you need it. The ESEE 4 line of knives is one of these knives.

ESEE 4 Product Line

The ESEE-4 line of knives are some of the best designed knives in its price range. It’s combination of performance, flexibility and durability is simply unmatched and has been proven in a wide range of application. If you like knives, then you will most likely have an ESEE 4 in your collection. It is equally at home in your tool box, strapped to your waist or in a glass shelf. Its combination of beauty and function makes it both very desirable and sought after by many knife users. You don’t have to be a knife expert to see why the ESEE 4 knives are some of the best knives out there in the market.

It’s simple and yet dependable design makes it an ideal choice for a wide array of individuals from law enforcement to the consummate adventurer. It’s full tang construction and blade composition ensures that you will have a strong knife that is rugged enough to keep up with the punches and retain its edge longer than most knives. At the end of the day, a knife is not made to win a beauty pageant. The raw raw and unadulterated functionality and strength of ESEE 4 knives makes it a prime contender for any and most situations whether for skinning a game or self-defense. There is simply no question to the ESEE 4 line of knives’ strength and durability brought about by its brilliant combination of construction and their choice of blade material.

It’s quality is simply unquestionable as you would expect with a knife that is made in the United States. They have all kinds of knife edge, from the smooth to the partially serrated. This gives you a wide range of choices and function. Smooth edged knives are more common because they are easier to use and maintain but partially serrated knives simply cannot just be taken for granted. They even have double edged knives that speak to ESEE’s craftsmanship and devotion to the art of knife making. And by the way, the fact that they have a no-BS look and at the same time elegant is just the icing on the cake. There’s just a lot to be said when you see a knife that do not have a lot of fuss in it. It’s simple and strong but speaks volumes to someone who know their way around knives. The ESEE 4 knife is equally dependable in the kitchen as well as the outdoor. Here are some of the knives in the ESEE 4 arsenal.



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Overall Length:
Blade Length: 4.5″
Blade Thickness: 1.25″
Blade Material: 1095 steel blade
Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Grind: full flat grind
Finish: many options, depends on the model
Handle Length: 5.25″
Handle Thickness: 0.69″
Handle Material: Micarta or G-10
Weight: 8.0 ounces
Country of Origin: USA




There are two knives in this classification, one with a orange G10 handle and the other with a canvas micarta handle. G10 is very popular for two main reasons. It is both very tough and yet will not burn a hole in your pocket. G10, being tough on its own is a great choice for a handle but it also has a very good tendency of not shrinking or expanding due to outside conditions. Some knife handles tend to expand or shrink depending on humidity, temperature, wet of dry conditions. G10 retains its shape and size in any conditions which speaks to its dependability and overall toughness. G10 is generally lighter but at the same time tougher than most knife handle materials out there.

Canvass micarta on the other hand has many unique characteristics that make it both desirable and dependable at the same time. Canvass micarta generally have a better grip. Its substrate’s fibers’ size as well as the weave’s tightness contributes to the knife’s genera look and feel. Both have a stainless 440C stonewashed steel blade. As with all ESEE 4 knives, these two have a full tang construction but a drop point tip. This is perfect for a lot of use from opening that box in the office to skinning that game you took down on the weekend. The stainless steel blade also ensures that you will have an easier time maintaining the knife. The ambidextrous kydex sheath that comes with all ESEE 4 knives makes it flexible enough for anybody to safely store and handle.






The ESEE 4 knives are made from 1095 high carbon steel which means that they are exceptionally hard and therefore have an excellent edge retaining quality. This is essential for many knives especially for those used in the outdoors. Skinning game is a hard and tedious process and having an exceptionally sharp knife just makes it more efficient and bearable. If you are an avid hunter or goes fishing regularly, these smooth edged knives can very well be your best friend. If you are going to use it for food preparations though, make sure that you do not use chemical solutions to clean your knife for food safety. Coating the knife with industrial chemicals like MD-40 can be hazardous to your health. Coating you knife with more natural oils like olive oil is safer if you intend to use your knife for food preparation. As with all carbon steel knives, since they do not have a lot of rust resisting qualities, they will require some maintenance to make sure they do not rust.






The smooth edge 1095 carbon steel drop point blade has a skull logo to give it that added attitude. The black blade gives it that added “ggrrr” and the simple but dependable grip design ensures that you do not lose your blade when you need it the most. The handle design also makes the knife comfortable to use in any grip. It has that tactical look to it mainly to the handle design and the black blade that makes it a perfect choice for the avid hunter as well as the weekend warriors. While ESEE 4 knives are unique as it is, the Skull version is like the “crème de la crème” of an already exceptional line of knives. This is a great gift for someone who like collecting knives as well as use them a lot.




ESEE Model 4S-CP-MB & ESEE Model 4P-CP

These ESEE-4 knives has one unique thing going for them, they both have a double edge. They have a drop point 1095 carbon steel blade that has a combination of smooth and serrated edge at the bottom and a completely smooth edge at the that extends to about two inches from the tip. The added edge on the top part of the knife makes it a prime choice to more specialized functions which also requires added knowledge and skill on how to handle the knife safely. It goes without saying that though these knives are unquestionable beautiful in their own right, they will not think twice of drawing blood if you are not careful. This knife can be very useful in a lot of things but is more ideal to the more seasoned knife owner. The exclusivity and uniqueness of this knife can almost be a status symbol of sorts and a statement piece. It says that I belong to someone who knows his way with knives.

ESEE Model 4S



ESEE Model 4, Orange Handle, Venom Green Power Coat Blade

Yes, this knife has an orange handle and a green coated blade. It has the usual drop point 1095 carbon steel blade and the removable Micarta handles. What sets this knife apart is the fact that it is next to impossible to lose in the wild. The brightly colored knife reminds me of the poisonous frogs found in the Amazon called the poison dart frog. They may be small but living in the area where you’re either a prey or a hunter, their size and general look can be quite deceiving. You will often ask yourself, in an area of the world where almost everything is trying to camouflage themselves with their background to avoid detection, why is this small frog so bright and seemingly unafraid, even somewhat proud. For the uninitiated, they look pretty and harmless but for those who are in the know, it has that “don’t mess with me” look. Because sometimes, the more colorful they come, the deadlier they are.

That’s what this line of knife is all about. It is brightly colored so that you will not lose it against the earth toned background of the woods just in case you drop it but retains the dependable and unquestionably tough construction of the ESEE 4 knife albeit in a relatively smaller scale. Make no mistake about it, this knife is not trying to be pretty, like the Amazon poison dart frog, it has its own place in the lethal realm of knives.

ESEE Model 4




This ESEE 4S-OD is a partially serrated drop point knife. It has the dependable 1095 carbon steel blade and the orange G-10 handles makes it easy to handle and see during those weekend hunting or fishing trips. You will have to be seriously color blind to not see this against the dead leaves and branches of the ground just in case you drop it. It is partially serrated which gives it a more unique look but the design of the blade is more than for the general feel of the knife. Blade serration has its place in the cutlery business and is generally more useful for the people who knows how to use them properly. For the novice knife owner, the 4S-OD may be a bit of a novelty knife but it cannot be ignored especially in those long camping trips. The partially serrated blade also makes it useful for other camping tasks other than food preparation and the full tang construction ensures its toughness.





So there you go, the ESEE 4 line of knives. There are of course more knives in the collection and you should be able to find what suits you. We all have our own personality and preference to the knife we want to use. What is for sure is that there is something in the ESEE 4 line of knives that will do the job you need it to better than most knives out there. Whether for everyday carry or some heavy duty skinning or even batoning, the ESEE 4 line of knives are up for the task. The quality and dependability of these knives are just unquestionable. The combination of construction and material makes them both unique and definitely sought after not just for their look but for their toughness and quality. Whether for the next weekend outdoors trip that you are planning for or simply a gift to a loved one, an ESEE 4 knife can certainly fit the bill.