Knife Laws In Georgia

Georgia is one of the few states in the United States of America which does not place restrictions on possession and ownership of knives. However, there are a few understandable blade legislations that make the state a safe environment for blade owners.

New blade laws were enacted in July 2012 to replace the restrictive and complex rules that governed ownership and possession of blades. The state law on ownership, possession and carrying rights is superior and all other conflicting legislations were repealed.

Knife Laws in Georgia

This created a single rationalized system that guides blade ownership in the entire state.



The state places no limit on the type of knives a person can own. This means that all kinds of knives can be owned and carried within the state. One can also display, collect, trade, sell, buy and own these knives. The most commonly owned knives include pocket knives, hunting knives, Bowie knives, fishing knives, daggers, single and double edged blades, serrated knives, machetes, KA-BAR knives, hunting and fishing knives, and other exotic knives. Also, it is legal for one to own and carry switchblades, martial arts throwing stars balisong knife, lipstick knives, undetectable knives, disguised blades, push knives, and gravity knives.

One can carry any knife with a blade of not more than 5’’ long. The knife can be carried concealed or openly without the need of securing a permit. However, if you are planning to own, carry either concealed or in public a blade that is more than 5’’ long, you must acquire a weapons permit. The permit is available to residents who are more than 21 years old, but they must undergo a criminal and mental health background check. The fee for the license is about $30 even though there are other small administrative fees that one will be required to pay. O.C.G.A. § 16-11-129 provides that fugitives, people convicted of felonies, weapon offenders, drug offenders are all ineligible for a license. However, they can appeal and their case listened to through a special hearing process. The license to carry weapons is valid for 5 years, but it is renewable.

Knife Length Limit

There is no limit on the blade length for ownership or carrying it within your residence. However, when you are in public the law does not allow you to carry a knife that is more than5” in length. This implies that one must secure a weapons’ carry license to enable them carry such knives in public.

Concealed Carry

As far as Georgia knife laws are concerned, there is no difference between concealed and open carry knives. What determines whether you carry the blade or not is its length. It is immaterial whether the knife is visible to other people or not.

Other applicable knife laws In Georgia

Knife owners visiting or living in Georgia should not be concerned with ordinances that govern ownership of blades. The state laws supersede all ordinances that restrict knife ownership and carrying rights. The law is clear about, circumstances under which people should seek licenses.