The Benefits of the Instant Pot

As the latest trend entering our kitchens, the Instant Pot has proved to be extremely popular with all demographics.


Everyone from busy professionals to large families with children have been speaking in superlatives about the latest development in kitchen appliance technology.

This may leave those of us who are yet to purchase an Instant Pot wondering just what all the fuss is actually about.

Fear not, here we will take a deeper look into the factors which are making the Instant Pot so successful and popular.


Let’s not kid ourselves, faster is always better. This is especially true when it comes to cooking. The less time we have to spend preparing and waiting for our favorite dishes, the better. Undoubtedly, this is an area where the Instant Pot excels.

The pressure cooking technology allows for an extremely convenient cooking time, with most dishes ready to be served in 20 minutes or less when they could take in excess of 60-70 minutes or longer to cooking using traditional appliances.


This kind of advancement allows us and our increasingly busy lifestyles to remain unhindered by cooking. This is a benefit which is repeatedly highlighted among users as being the reason why they purchased an Instant Pot in the first place.

Additional to the time convenience which the appliance allows us, there is the convenience of being able to simply combine almost all ingredients into one device and have them cook together till serving. This greatly reduces preparation time, required cooking space, and the number of cooking utensils required when preparing a dish. Cooking made simple has clearly had a strong impact on the market already.


On a parallel with convenience is cleanliness. No matter how much we enjoy cooking a delicious meal, nobody enjoys the clean-up process. Much of this issue is eliminated once you welcome the Instant Pot into your kitchen.

Firstly, the number of cooking utensils needed to make a dish is greatly reduced with the introduction of the Instant Pot. This is thanks to the fact that everything can generally be combined to cook together until ready to serve. This is an excellent time saver for all busy users, and those who just don’t enjoy the post-meal chores.

Secondly, the device itself is remarkably easy to clean. With the wipe of a cloth and some deeper cleaning of detachable elements, the Instant Pot is fantastically easy to keep clean. Furthermore, in terms or reducing spills and keeping your kitchen clutter free, the device is outstanding. No more need for cupboards and sinks full of pots and pans, the Instant Pot can take care of almost anything.


The Instant Pot is unbeatable when it comes to retaining the nutrition within your diet. Many may expect that because of the fast cooking time, some nutrients could be lost. Unlike other cooking methods, this is not true. In fact, the Instant Pot retains an extremely high amount of the nutritional value within your dishes.

Also, due to the convenience and speed of cooking with an Instant Pot, many users have reported that they have made positive changes to their diet as a direct result. Healthy choices that we once may have considered too complex or time consuming to prepare, can now be ready in no time thanks to the appliance.

As well as retain the highest of nutritional value, food will also retain their true taste and flavors to the best degree. This is due to the pressure sealed cooking style which helps prevent food from becoming oxidized and losing their vibrancy in tandem with their flavor.


value vs price

Without even considering the actual price of the appliance itself, the Instant Pot successfully adds immense value to your kitchen.

This value is derived from a combination of the points we have discussed. The expedited cooking time and reduction in pre time allows you to have an increased amount of time to focus on other areas of your life such as work, study, or whatever they may be.

The elimination of the need for copious numbers of cooking utensils is also a big plus point in terms of value. No more wasteful purchases of items for large dinner occasions which you may only use once in the year.

The positive impact which an Instant Pot can have on your dietary decisions can also be featured in this value category. As a knock-on effect of this, you will be healthier and live a more fulfilled life. This adds value in a manner which is hard to quantify but certainly existing.

Finally, with the world at a crossroads in terms of energy consumption, the Instant Pot represents an extremely efficient method of cooking which can work to save energy. This environmental awareness and the value it produces within society is another key reason why the use of an Instant Pot has become so desirable.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the benefits which we have outlined have been a key component behind the success which has propelled Instant Pot. These and many other positive factors surrounding the product go a long way to proving that it is certainly no flash in the pan.

As the benefits such as these continue to be realized and additional more advanced products released, it is certain that we will see further success from Instant Pot and an increasing number of kitchen counters featuring the products. 

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