Instant Pot Testimonials

With the Instant Pot craze that has been sweeping through kitchens recently, some people may be curious as to the actual impact the device can have when it comes to meal time.

Users have expressed their satisfaction with the Instant Pot though a swathe of positive reviews and product testimonials.

Here are a few which stood out from the crowd.


I really did not cook a wide variety of dishes before purchasing my Instant Pot. As a single man working in a busy office environment, I rarely felt that I had the time or energy to come home and cook up a complex dish which could usually take a lot of time to prepare and cook. The Instant Pot has really changed my outlook and opened doors to a variety of dishes. I can choose from lots of options and know that any of them are achievable in a fast and efficient manner. The convenience and versatility of the Instant Pot is something I could never have expected

Tom Peterson

We purchased an Instant Pot approximately three months ago and so far it has really revolutionized the way we cook. Personally, I like the fact that any dish can be completed with the minimum amount of hassle and there is such a wide range of options in terms of dishes to cook. I often check for popular recipes online before deciding on a cooking plan for the week. My partner has also taken to preparing meals more frequently using the Instant Pot. The ease with which we can clean everything up after finishing is a real bonus too

Stacey Williams

With two children, things can get hectic in our home. The Instant Pot is literally a lifesaver when it comes to preparing fast and nutritious meals the kids will enjoy. The simple preparation of almost any dish has really reduced stress levels in our kitchen around meal teams. The speed of cooking also allows me to make sure the children still eat well and don’t miss anything during their busy days. It has probably been the most worthwhile upgrade to our kitchen in recent years. Everyone in the family loves it.

Karen Brady

Having recently started a vegetarian diet, a change in my eating habits was required. For this reason I decided to try out an Instant Pot. It has been a wonderful change. Not only can I rely on the complete convenience of the device to prepare some wonderful dishes, but I never have to work about the method of preparation being unhealthy. That is along with the fact that everything can be ready in a super-fast time. This all combines to make for a fantastic experience using my new Instant Pot device. I can definitely see why it has become so popular recently

Staven James

As a student, I value speed and convenience above all else when it comes to food. In fact, my mom purchased an Instant Pot for me to bring to university on my first time living away from home. It has been so awesome. I feel like I can cook anything in the Instant Pot and I absolutely was not a big cooker before having one of these in my kitchen. It also looks pretty slick on the kitchen counter. When friends come over they are really curious about it and even want to try preparing some dishes themselves. Best of all, it is really easy to clean! 

Stephanie Marshall

As a busy housewife, I have searched for years for something to help me out in the kitchen and reduce the difficulties involved in preparing meals for a large family. Finally, I have managed to find what I believe is the ideal solution. Instant Pot has changed our meal times entirely. What was once a one-dimensional menu due to time constraints and the difficulty of managing the preparation of a variety of dishes is now an easy and enjoyable experience. I feel like an entire weight has been removed from me. This has been compounded by the fact that the entire family enjoys the meals prepared with the Instant Pot.

Margaret Jones

I absolutely dreaded setting foot in the kitchen prior to purchasing an Instant Pot. Cooking was a skill which just eluded me. When I finally purchased an Instant Pot though, I could suddenly discover why they are so popular. My device has been so convenient, no matter what food I want to cook, it seems to be possible. It has opened me up to a whole new world of food and helped me drastically improve my diet in the process. I would highly recommend buying an Instant Pot to anybody, even if you happen not to like cooking.

Dave Williams

I consider myself something of a food snob. For this reason I was a little skeptical when my husband first purchased an Instant Pot. Could I still cook some of the more complex and sophisticated recipes which I liked? – The answer has been a resounding yes. The Instant Pot has left me pleasantly surprised at just how versatile it is and how delicious the dishes turn out to be. That is added to by the fact it is super convenient, fast, and easy to clean. I love it.

Mandy Nixon

As a stay at home dad who also works from a home office, I am tasked with preparing at least three meals a day. This is no easy task, especially with a recent new addition to my home keeping me very busy. Investing in an Instant Pot was hands down one of the best and most rewarding decisions I have ever made. It ultimately saves prep time and has helped me diversify the family meal planning and even save money whilst most certainly saving time.

Jessica Piekarskie