Knife Laws In Kansas

Just like other states in the U.S, Kansas has really expanded its knife rights.

It is legal to own many types of blades including machetes and swords. The law allows for both concealed and open carrying of blades.

Also, people with felony convictions are allowed to carry knives just like their counterparts who have not been convicted of any felony.

Knife Laws in Kansas


Kansas allows people to carry a wide range of blades including gravity knives, switchblades and many other implements. The new sec.§ 21-6301 expunged many types of knives from its list of dangerous weapons. Thus, residents have a right to possess, buy, sell or carry blades like Bowie knives, switchblades, double-edged and single- edged knives, daggers, machetes, sword canes, sword, balisong knives, stiletto and undetected knives.



It is illegal to own and carry knives such as ballistic knives and throwing stars. The statute defines a throwing star as any instrument without a handle, which is metallic and has three or more radiating points. The metal may be designed in the shape of a star, polygon, trefoil, and cross and may have one or more sharp edges. It must be manufactured as a weapon for throwing. According to section 21-6301 manufacturing, selling, purchasing and possessing such a throwing star to be used in criminal activities is illegal. Section § 21-6301(a) (2), stipulates that possessing certain types of weapons with an intent to use them in unlawful way against another person is illegal. This therefore means that unless someone uses any of the enumerated throwing star weapons against another person illegally or shows some intent, he may still be allowed to legally possess the weapon. Also, carrying knives to school even if it is legal is prohibited. However, it is legal to carry some knives in government owned buildings where there are no ordinances that restrict carrying a knife into such premises.

Length Limit

Initially, one would not carry a 4 inch knife concealed. However, the legislation on this was abolished and so there is no limit on the length of knives one can carry. According to section § 21-6302 (2012), carrying knives that are not listed as legal or illegal fall in the grey area and it is up to the sitting judge to determine if it merits to be classified as a dangerous weapon or not.

Concealed Carry

One can conceal and carry any blade that can be legally owned and possessed. However, as mentioned earlier, carrying concealed knives on government grounds or building or in schools is illegal.

Other blade laws in Kansas

Kansas is a friendly state to many blade owners. However, there is no strong precedent on cases related to owning & carrying knives. As a result, overall treatment on the legality of owning or carrying knives will always be adjusted depending on the prevailing situation. It is possible to own and carry any knife in Kansas as long as it is not a throwing star or a ballistic knife. It is also legal to conceal carry or open carry any types of knives that are legal to own.