Kirkland Golf Balls Ultimate Review

When Costco began to manufacture Kirkland brand products, their goal was to make sure that these products held their value when pitted up against top manufacturers...


...It’s obvious that Titleist is one of the most popular brand names in golf when it comes to pro golf balls, but Kirkland is now doing their best to match that brand with a product at a fraction of the price!

With all the hype surrounding these Kirkland golf balls, the question all golfers want to know the answer to is:

“Should I ditch the best selling ball in the game of golf for one that shares a brand with toilet paper and trail mix?” 

The answer is: absolutely!

These Kirkland Golf balls are guaranteed to be the next hard hitters in the golf market.

The Review

Kirkland Signature Four-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball

5 Star Editorial Rating!


  • Price: These balls retail at around a quarter of the price of the most popular balls on the market. If you’re looking for a great bang for your buck. These balls are definitely it.
  • Yards: When put into a test with pro golfers, the Kirkland golf ball, most often, hit further than the Titleist V1 series
  • Control: The quality construction rivals the Titleist V1 series balls and allows for a super controlled spin


  • We have yet to find any cons with these golf calls as they perform very well and come at a great price!

Specifications and Features

Urethane Cover:

The urethane cover on these balls makes them feel super soft. It also helps in providing a better spin rate on iron or wedge shots. Urethane material is also extremely durable, meaning that there is less worry for cuts and scrapes and you should be able to use these balls over and over again.

360 Dimples:

This means that the dimple count on this golf ball is in line with most all high-end golf balls on the market

Four Piece Design:

This golf ball is designed in four layers for maximum durability and control. The ball has a core, outer core, super fast mantle, and soft cover

Compression Ratio:

This ball comes with a compression ratio of 96.8 points, making it pretty much identical to the compression ratio of the Titleist Pro V1

Greenside Control:

Because of the ball design, these balls have excellent playability when it comes to playing on greens that is once again achieved by the Urethane design.

Consistency in Ball Flight:

This helps in knowing that at least 9 times out of 10, a consistent swing will result in consistent distance and spin with these balls. This is helpful for not only pros, but anyone in training that is trying to find their natural ball flight.

Speed Boosting Outer Core:

The outer core on this ball is designed to maximize the energy impact no matter what kind of swing you have. As a low swing player, you will love this especially!


It seems that even with all the doubt surrounding Costco entering into the golf market, these golf balls truly hold their ground against the most reputable brands.

Many testers throughout the online golf community have pitted these balls with the ones they typically use, only to find that many of their shots with the Kirkland balls were actually further, and if not, equidistant.

They are a quality golf ball that even the seriously brand loyal fans of golf should consider if they are looking for a product with playability, durability, and feel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these golf balls spin balls or distance balls?

Typically, Urethane balls are known to sacrifice a tiny bit of their distance qualities in order to achieve better spin and control. So even though it’s not by much, the Kirkland golf balls are more on the spin side.

What does it mean when they say 4-piece golf ball?

Golf balls are designed to have different layers, and paying attention to the number of layers your balls have can have a major impact on your game. For most low-end balls, manufacturers produce them as a 2-piece product. These balls are typically just a core wrapped in a Surlyn cover and are perfect for beginner or novice players. Having more layers gives a player more control.

What can the compression ratio tell me about golf balls?

The compression ratio of a ball will tell you what portion of the ball is going to compress on the face of your club when you hit it. If you are a golfer with a high swing speed, looking for a ball with a compression ratio over 100 is your best bet. If you have a slow swing speed, you’re better off sticking with a ball that is somewhere between 80 and 90.

What can the dimples on my golf ball tell me?

These little indentations around the outmost layer of your ball surprisingly have a huge impact on the way your ball moves. Without them, you’d probably only get half the distance with the same hit. If your ball has larger dimples with a shallow design, that ball will typically go higher in flight. The ideal, or standard ball, is typically anywhere from 330 to 500 dimples.

Urethane vs. Surlyn Build?

Surlyn, a resin that was introduced in the 1960’s, is typically what we see on balls that are manufactured for distance. The material is much harder than Urethane, which makes it harder for golfers to achieve a backspin on. If you’re a beginner, you might prefer to try a Surlyn ball as it is possible that you’ll be able to hit further