Knife Laws In Maine

Just as it is in other states, knife laws in the state of Maine are not stringent and allow blade owners to carry in the open an array of blades regardless of its the length.

However, it has a tight control on concealed carry. These laws are restrictive but there are a few exceptions. As it is in other states, knives are not entertained in locations such as schools and prisons. Also, there are a number of knife varieties which the law does not allow.

Knife Laws in Maine

Knives that can instantly be deployed such as switchblades, automatic knives and gravity knives are banned. However, law enforcement officers are exempted from this ban.



The law in Maine permits people to own knives and carry them openly. Sword canes are exempted from this since they can be carried in a person’s property. These are blades that are designed to look concealed. According to the law, it is illegal to carry and display knives so that it appears threatening. Some of the legal knives that can be owned and carried legally include pocket knives, single edged , daggers, double edged and fixed blades, sword canes, stilettos, throwing knives, throwing stars, belt knives, utility blades, hunting knives, disguised knives, Bowie knife , double edged and single edged blades and other implements.


There are several types and models of knives that are prohibited and it is against the law to own, sell, buy or even give away. Knives that fall in this category are selected on the basis of their opening. It is unlawful to possess or distribute these knives because they are considered dangerous. They include all knives that open when the button is triggered or when using automatic spring, or a switch. Knives that can be opened by centrifugal force or gravity are also illegal. To this end, it is illegal to possess or use balisongs, switch blades, and gravity knives in Maine.

Section § 1055 subsection 3 exempts armed officers from owning and using these knives. They can own or transport switchblades and gravity knives as long as the blades are less than 3” or longer. Such knives are not available in Maine but the officers may buy them from New Hampshire because it is legal to purchase knives of all types in the state.

Length Limit

The law in Maine does not impose any maximum length on blades that may be owned including concealed carry. The only limit that exists concerns the 3’’limit imposed on exempted gravity knives and switchblades.

Concealed Carry

Main’s knife laws on concealed carry are restrictive. Knives such as dirks, stilettos, daggers, Bowie knives and other knives that are employed to be used in defense or attack cannot be carried concealed. This law was crafted to exempt folding pocket blades from this ban. Also, hunters, trappers and fishermen can carry the knives they use in their day to day occupation concealed as long as they engage in the mentioned activities.

Other blade law in Maine

The state ban on switchblade was repealed in October 15, 2015 and was intended to help restore or reintroduce rights to own certain brands of knives used by residents as tools. This means that Maine has joined other states like Indiana, Missouri, Alaska, Tennessee and Texas to legalize carrying of automatic blades.