Meat Slicer Costco Review

If you enjoy home cooking and want to provide a safe and highly efficient way to cut your meat in the kitchen, look no further than the selection of Costco meat slicers, covering the market leaders and highest quality in meat slicers for your home or business.


This is a tool that every growing or busy kitchen can avail of to keep the whole family and customers happy. You can also greatly reduce your wastage of meat and reduce your own risk of injury while slicing.

We have narrowed down the selection to five slicers, each of which have attributes useful for any kitchen.

Our Top 5 Top Picks

#1 Pick - Chef’s Choice Electric Food Slicer

Chef’sChoice Electric Food Slicer

The Chefs Choice slicer is a sophisticated slicer, designed with an aluminum and stainless steel body. It is strong but light thanks to its body design and can handle almost every slicing job which any home kitchen brings its way.

It possesses a high torque motor. This makes for fast and efficient slicing as well as the ability to carve through even the toughest of cuts. The meat tray itself is also angled to assist in this regard and make the Chef’s Choice very easy to clean after cutting.

The stainless steel blade measures approximately 7 inches in diameter and can be adjusted incrementally to cut anything from waver thin slices up to ¾ inch thickness. The machine itself weighs in at a light and maneuverable 11lb and includes a serving tray. This would be ideal for a busy home kitchen where the user wishes to store the slicer conveniently when not in use.

#2 KWS Premium Commercial 420w Electric Meat Slicer

KWS Premium Commercial 420w Electric Meat Slicer

Stepping up a level to this premium grade commercial slicer. The powerful 420W KWS model pulls no punches in terms of its slicing power and quality. This semi-automatic slicer features a high quality 12 inch Teflon blade which can cut through any style of meat with absolute ease.

The KWS 420 will also effortlessly glide through any type of fruit, vegetable and cheese at a variable cutting thickness which can range from 0-0.6inches depending on user preference. It also features a built-in sharpener and ring guard to ensure that your blade never dulls but also stays safe and secure at all times.

The food holding tray can be easily removed for thorough cleaning and the skid-proof rubber feet as well as the waterproof power switch mean you never have to worry about damp or wet surfaces affecting your cutting ability.

This high powered and high quality machine is highly suited to a busy commercial environment where speed, adaptability and endurance are key qualities for a meat slicer.

#3 KWS Premium Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer

KWS Premium Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer

This 320W offering from KWS is primarily suited to a commercial setting although it could also be used in a busy home environment. Its 10 inch Teflon, stainless steel blade cuts precisely and with ease thanks to the backing power of an extremely quiet 320W motor.

It has a stylish and easily cleaned aluminum alloy base and always keeps things running sharply thanks to the built-in blade sharpener. Cutting at an adjustable thickness of between 0 and 0.4 inches, you can opt for deli-thin slices or thicker cuts very conveniently.

The various removable parts, including the food tray, mean that this model is extremely easy to clean and maintain thoroughly. Also, you needn’t worry about wet surfaces since the KWS possesses non-slip legs and a waterproof power switch.

This model is again ideally suited to a busy commercial environment of any type, aided by the fact it can also cut a variety of other fruits and vegetables with equal ease.

#4 F2C® Pro Stainless Steel 10" Blade Auto Electric Meat Slicer

F2C Pro Stainless Steel 10 Blade AUTO Electric Meat

This heavy duty model is extremely durable and cuts any boneless meat and other products with fantastic efficiency without issues. The 10 inch stainless steel blade is completely non-stick and also allows for the easy cutting of a variety of non-meat products.

The blade rotates at 530RPM which allows for fast and efficient slicing from 0-0.5inches in thickness. The machine itself is also CE approved, therefore you can be sure of the highest professional standards and comes with two whetstones.

There is a comfortable designed and fixed handle for easily guiding the slicer through any meat, all parts are detachable for easy and quick cleaning and finally, the machine comes with non-slip rubber legs to negate the risk of wet workspaces. There are also convenient holes in the underside to disperse any build-up of heat which may occur. 

#5 Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

This Super deal model is exactly as the name suggests. Here you get a powerful 240W professional slicer which is semi-automatic and suitable for a busy home or commercial environment. It can cut through all of your meats and more with simplicity and efficiency.

It possesses a 10inch stainless steel blade which rotates at 530RPM, providing a superior cut. It is also semi-automatic and always stays sharp thanks to the built-in sharpener. It has an easily adjustable slice size from 0-0.5inches depending on user preference and remains safe at all times thanks to its strong ring guard.

The compact design of this machine makes it more suitable than most for fitting in to locations where space is at a premium but top quality slicing is still required. This machine certainly packs hefty power into its conveniently compact design.


Why Should I Purchase a Meat Slicer?

There are a number of reasons. Primarily efficiency. Especially if you are in the food service business, you will want to be able to slice meat and some other products in bulk. This process should be both quick and to a uniform standard. These are all requirements which can be met by a quality meat slicer.

How Much Cleaning and Maintenance is required?

Not much. Especially in the models we have reviewed above, almost all of the essential parts are removable specifically for ease of cleaning. From a maintenance standpoint too, all of the blades and parts are extremely durable and all with built-in sharpeners which further reduces manual tasks.

Are Replacement Parts easily available?

Yes. Although rarely required, replacement parts are readily available and all of the machines possess some type of warranty on parts in the case of defect.