Knife Laws In Mississippi

Mississippi is usually an open and free state when it comes knives.

However, its knife laws on concealed carry impose some restrictions on a knife with large blades. It’s legal to own any kind of knife even some knives which are usually banned such as switchblades, ballistic knives, and gravity knives.

Convicted felons are allowed to have a knife; however, there are some restrictions.

knife laws in Mississippi

Most municipalities apply the knife laws put in place by the state, but some impose their laws. These laws imposed by municipalities are usually stricter than the state laws and focuses mainly on concealed carry laws.​



Any adult with no felony convictions can own any type knife they want. They can also dispose of, buy, sell, trade or give away a knife as they want. The adult can own

The Mississippi knife laws allow for open carry and don't place restrictions on length limit and knife configuration.


It’s illegal to sell or give a dirk, bowie knife, butcher life, or a switchblade to a minor or an intoxicated person. This law is found in section § 97-37-13 of Mississippi Code.

A convicted felon can’t own a Bowie, dirk, butcher knife, or a switchblade.

It’s illegal for someone to brandish a knife at someone in a way that suggests threatening or carry a knife to cause harm except during self-defense.

It’s illegal to carry a knife in courthouses, government building, prisons or schools.

Length Limit

The Mississippi knife laws don't place restrictions on the length of a knife blade. However, concealed carry laws ban carrying large knives but don't specify the limit in inches.

Concealed Carry

Anyone above 18 years of age can carry any weapon concealed or life when the carrier is in their place of business or home or real property of the two locations or when inside a vehicle.

When outside the areas mentioned above, it’s illegal to carry dirk knife, bowie knife, butcher knife, switchblade, or any other knife having finger rings.

Sporting knives are legal to carry conceal when carried for sporting purposes. Fishing knives and hunting knives fall under this category. Some blades could be temporarily legalized under rare circumstances.

Other Knife Laws in Mississippi

Some local governments in Mississippi State have passed some ordinances which place restrictions on carrying conceal. For example, Tupelo, MS, bans concealing knives which have blade lengths of above 3.5” and Vicksburg limits the length to 4”.


You can own any knife in Mississippi as long as you are not a minor or a convicted felon. A felon or minor cannot own a Bowie, switchblade or butcher knife. It’s illegal to carry concealed dirk, Bowie, switchblade or butcher knife unless hidden in a vehicle or hunting, fishing or engaged in a sporting activity that requires a given knife.