Knife Laws In Nevada

Nevada boasts some of the country’s most lenient knife laws, imposing very few restrictions and limitations on the ownership, sale, and open carry of knives.

In 2010, Nevada lifted bans on possession of certain classes of knives and rescinded any blade length limitations that had been in place. It is important to note, however, that Nevada also lifted preemption.

This means that local or municipal ordinances concerning knives will prevail in that jurisdiction.

Knife Laws In Nevada


In 2010, SB 176 rolled back most restrictions that had impacted lawful knife ownership and/or possession. In Nevada it is legal to carry, own, or sell any class of knife or other bladed instrument. Classes of knives permitted to unrestricted* ownership and possession include the dirk, dagger, balisong, bowie, hunting, throwing (including stars), Ka-Bar, gravity, machete, sword, pocket, butterfly, and switchblade.



Nevada rolled back most restrictions on knife ownership and possession in 2010. However, ownership of metal knuckles is still prohibited. Metal knuckles may include certain trench knives from World War I.


Nevada lifted restrictions on blade length in 2010. Varying length restrictions may be enforced in certain municipalities or counties in the state of Nevada.

Concealed Carry

In Nevada it is permissible to carry a concealed dirk, dagger, belt buckle knife, pocketknife or other class of legal knife. Concealed carry of a machete is illegal.

It is illegal to carry a concealed dirk, dagger, switchblade, or trefoil on any school grounds or school vehicles. Kitchen knives used to prepare or consume food, utility knives used in school projects, and scalpels used by medical students are exempt from these restrictions.

Other Nevada Knife Laws

The state of Nevada lifted the majority of knife-related restrictions in 2010. In doing so, it also lifted preemption, meaning that local knife restrictions will still apply. Clark County, Nevada, Henderson, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas prohibit the concealed carry of a knife with a blade exceeding 3 inches in length. Reno prohibits the concealed carry of a knife with a blade exceeding 2 inches.