Knife Laws In New Hampshire

Owning any kind blade or knife in New Hampshire is legal. It’s also legal to carry it concealed or openly. Only the convicted felons are restricted to own or carry any knife.

The bill signed in 2010 abolished complicated laws concerning ownership of knives in different local ordinances.

The new law in New Hampshire preempts the local laws concerning knives and any other local ordinances that conflict with the rights granted by the state.

Knife Laws in New Hampshire



Any knife or blade kind can be bought, owned, sold, made, given away or manufactured by anyone except convicted felons.

Here are some of the legal knives:

• Switchblades

• Gravity knives

• Machetes

• Balisong knives

• Bowie knives

• Swords

• Daggers

• Bowie knives

• Shuriken

• Dirks

• Clasp knives

• Throwing knives

• Ballistic knives

It’s legal to carry openly any knife that is legal to own. It’s legal to carry any knife concealed.


• It’s illegal to own and carry metal knuckles and any other knife with metal finger rings.

• It’s illegal for a felon convicted of a drug offense or felony against someone else property or person to possess or carry a dagger, stiletto, switchblade knife and Dirk and other knives considered deadly weapons.

• It’s illegal to carry a knife openly in schools and its grounds and other few government buildings.

Length Limit

There are no restrictions imposed on the blade length on any legal knife.

Conceal Carry

It’s legal to carry any blade or knife hidden except on few government buildings and schools. The law doesn’t limit the blade length that may be carried concealed nor does it limit its number of edges and construction. A person can carry conceal sword canes, swords or machetes if they want to.

Other Knife Laws in New Hampshire

A knife owner doesn’t have to worry when he/she is traveling from one town in New Hampshire to another since all local ordinances that are against the state laws are abolished. The granite state is the friendliest state when it comes to the knife and retains any legal framework.


Any knife can be owned in New Hampshire. These knives can also be carried concealed or open. However, the law gets strict on felons carrying knives.