Knife Laws In New York

The New York knife laws have numerous restrictions when it comes to knife rights and ownership.

Annually, there are 82,000 arrest due to knife possession and another 15,000 convictions as a result of both vagueness in the law in making gravity knives illegal and “stop and frisk” policy.

This figure is to New York City only.

Knife Laws in New York


The following knives are legal to carry in the state of New York:


• It’s legal to own stilettos

• It's legal to own daggers

• It legal to own dirks

These knives and other dangerous knives are legal to provide the intention doesn’t involve using them against another person in an unlawful way.


• It’s illegal to own gravity knives

• It’s illegal to own switchblade knife

• It’s illegal to own metal knuckle knife

• It’s illegal to own shuriken, sword-cane or throwing star

Possession of these weapons is considered a Class A misdemeanor. The courts and police have a broad definition of gravity knife and include balisong knives, ordinary folding knives specifically in New York City. It only applies if any experienced officer can use one hand to open them.

Length Limit

The knife laws in New York doesn’t restrict the blade length of a knife that may be carried or owned. Since the New York state law lacks preemption law, municipalities in this state enforce the blade length limit for carrying openly and concealed carry.

Conceal Carry

It’s legal to carry any legal knife concealed. However, carrying a knife with an intention to cause violence is illegal for the case stilettos, daggers, dirks and other dangerous knives.

Other Knife Laws in New York

New York City prohibits concealed knives of blade length 4” and above. Also, all pocket knives are considered gravity knives. Also, New York City prohibits open carry except for some approved reasons. Rochester prohibits conceal carry except folding pocket knives having a blade length of 3 inches.

The knife laws in New York must be considered unfriendly. Carrying a knife in New York City can lead to 6 years of jail term. It might be safer to carry a knife in other areas of New York, but a knife owner should know local ordinances to avoid being in trouble with the law.


It’s legal to own daggers, stilettos, and Dirks as long as you don’t have any intention to cause harm to another person.