Knife Laws In Ohio

Ohio knife laws allow owning any type of blade or knife except ballistic knives and carrying of all knives concealed.

The law considers all knives dangerous weapons when it comes to the sentencing judge or arresting officers.

Since there are no limits to a definition of deadly weapons, it’s illegal to carry any knife concealed.

It’s advisable for knife owners in Ohio to carry knives hidden as minimum as possible since this law is seldom enforced but has been used and apparently will be utilized in future.

Knife Laws in Ohio

Carrying legal knives except in places like schools is legal. The state laws concerning knives are somehow restrictive, but also local ordinances are allowed to pass their knife ordinances since it lacks preemption laws.



• Owning pocket knives is legal.

• Possessing utility knives is legal.

• Owning balisong knives, gravity knives, and switchblades are legal.

• It’s legal to own large implements like machetes, swords and Bowie knives.

• It’s also legal to own push knives, KA-BAR knives, bet-buckle knives, daggers, throwing stars, etc.

• Carrying a legal knife in Buckeye State is lawful.


• It’s illegal to own ballistic knives and also illegal to carry when intoxicated.

• It’s illegal to sell, manufacture, give away gravity knives, switchblades and spring blade knives unless when provided to law enforcement agencies for purposes of training.

• Carrying a knife in schools and courthouses is illegal.

Length Limit

Ohio knife laws don't restrict the length of the blade while conceal carry outlawed without length limit. However, most municipalities enforce a 2.5” knife length limit.

Conceal Carry

It’s illegal to carry a dangerous weapon concealed. According to section § 2923.11, a deadly weapon is any device, instrument or thing which can kill or injure someone and is designed to be a weapon or used, carried or owned as one.

Other Knife Laws in Ohio

Upper Arlington city ordinances prohibit owning switchblades and automatic knives and punish the violations as a fourth-degree misdemeanor. Therefore, owning and carrying knives is legally hazardous in Ohio.


It's legal to own and carry any knife openly except the illegal ones. The Ohio statutes don't specify any knife apart from ballistic knives which someone may not carry concealed. However, it's prohibited to carry a deadly weapon hidden. What matters is if the instrument is considered dangerous and modified or made to be a weapon.