Knife Laws In Oklahoma

The new laws signed in 2015 made switchblade, regular pocket knife, and some automatic knives legal to carry concealed or openly.

However, most knives are prohibited for concealing and open carry except during fishing and hunting.

Though preemption law was signed in 2015 and came into effect, knife owners should be very careful.

Knife Laws In Oklahoma



• It’s legal to own pocket knives

• It’s legal to own balisong knives

• It’s legal to own switchblades

• It’s legal to own gravity knives

• It’s legal to own bowie knives

• It’s legal to own hunting knife

• It’s legal to own daggers

• It’s legal to own stilettos

• It’s legal to own special knives such as belt-buckle knives, push knives and lipstick knives.

• It’s legal to own undetectable knives such as swords, sword canes, and machetes

The undetectable knives are non-metallic. These legal knives are also legal to buy, manufacture, sell, receive or give. Peace officers are allowed to carry knives which are banned when they are on duty. Also, those participating in fishing and hunting are authorized to carry fishing and hunting knives.


• All knives are prohibited from concealing or open carry except an ordinary pocket knife, automatic knives, and switchblades.

• It’s illegal to carry knives in schools and its grounds unless it’s a school training program or project.

Length Limit

There are no restrictions on the blade length since it’s illegal to carry most knives in Oklahoma. According to anecdotal evidence, police consider folding knives having blades of 3” and less in length a regular pocket knife and thus making it legal to carry.

Conceal Carry

In Oklahoma, conceal carry isn’t an issue considering that it’s illegal to carry most knives regardless of if it’s visible or not.


It’s legal to own switchblades, automatic knives, and many legal knives. However, conceal and open carry is prohibited. Some of these knives banned are bowie knife, dagger, switchblade, dirk, sword-cane, spring-type knife and any other dangerous weapon. Since a deadly weapon is vague, it’s a good idea to carry knives only when engaging in reenactment or sporting event since during these events.