Oral B Electric Toothbrush Costco Review

Everyone needs to be able to smile whether at school, work, or on a date.  As human beings we need to be able to show our happiness, share in laughter, and for people to look at us doing this and think we are healthy.


The Costco Oral B Electric Toothbrush helps you to be able to do this with confidence.  According to the American Dental Association, 7 out of 10 Americans brush their teeth twice a day.  That means, about 70% of people are enjoying the life benefits that healthy oral hygiene has to offer.  They are able to smile confidently.

Their employers are happy to see them smile.  Their social life is unquestionably better because they are able to be more outgoing without any embarrassment.  Meanwhile, 30% of people may be experiencing difficulty, because they are not working hard enough, and are missing out on the benefits of healthy oral hygiene.  They are not able to smile confidently, or share in happiness, without people seeing a dirtier mouth.

The Review

oral b electric brush 1


  • Included in the package
  • 2 Rechargeable Toothbrush Handles
  • 2 Travel cases
  • 2 Precision Clean Brush Heads
  • 1 FlossAction Brush Head
  • 2 AC Charging Stations


  • You can try the Costco Oral B Electric Toothbrush in the store to experience its capabilities first hand.
  • With the limited time a person has during the day for oral hygiene, you are doing the maximum quality work in the most efficient form possible.
  • You are cutting down on dental bills by keeping oral hygiene at a high standard.
  • You are using a high quality tool to keep oral hygiene at the highest standard.


  • The Oral B Electric Toothbrush does not offer the quality of deep cleaning that a dental hygienist can offer during a visit.
  • It does require electricity in order to fully function.
  • There may be better, more expensive, electric toothbrushes on the market.
  • Compared to 7 out of 10 Americans, a person would only experience maximum benefits by using the product twice per day.

Features & Benefits

oral b electric brush 2

Precision Clean Brush Head that is round and designed for tooth-by-tooth cleaning 

FlossAction Brush Head that features MicroPulse bristles for a floss clean (But does not replace flossing), that gets rid of plaque more efficiently than a classic toothbrush

Timer in the handle that pulses every 30 seconds so that the user is prompted to switch areas of the mouth for the highest quality results

2 modes

Daily Clean for comprehensive and superior performance

Sensitive Clean operating at lower and gentler speeds

Their employers may not choose them to represent their company because a person with a whiter, brighter, cleaner, and more presentable smile may be more available to the company.  Similarly, higher profile people may not be as attractive to these people, simply because of a poor smile. 

So what do we do?  We work hard, don’t give up, and we fix things, so that we can continue to be successful and competitive in the ever changing world.  As with doing any job, a good mechanic needs the best tools to get a job done.  In this case, you are a daily mechanic of your teeth.  A good mechanic needs to provide the best quality work, while making life, and the project, easy to complete.  Think about driving a screw into a 2x4 piece of wood.  You can do this with a classic hand-held screwdriver that maybe costs five bucks at any given hardware store.  But when one considers the future, and all of the instances that will require you to screw something in, it becomes worthwhile to invest in a reasonable electric-driven screwdriver so that you are always able to drive a screw in professionally and most importantly efficiently, and that way your work is clean and neat. 

What does this have to do with toothbrushes?  Well, the quality of the, on average minute and fifty two seconds, time that the average American spends brushing, twice a day, needs to be maximized. You only have so much time to produce the highest quality mouth cleaning in a relatively small period of time per day.  The Costco Oral B Electric Toothbrush, like an electric-driven screwdriver, is doing the maximum work in a limited time in order to produce the most efficient and highest quality job done on your mouth.  It is easier now to consider, and see the difference between, carpenters who use classic hand held screwdrivers to drive in screws all day, versus tradesmen who are using electric driven screwdrivers.  The ones who are using electric driven are more professional, efficient, doing maximum work in a limited time, and that results in better quality work.  This will always keep them more competitive because the quality of their work is better, and they can do more work faster.  Likewise, people who are using electric driven toothbrushes, like the Costco Oral B Electric Toothbrush, are doing higher quality work, more efficiently, in a limited amount of time.  These people will always be more competitive, and will be the victors and recipients of the spoils that a high quality healthy mouth has to offer.


How does the Costco Oral B Electric Toothbrush compare to classic hand held toothbrushes?

The Costco Oral B Electric Toothbrush can get rid of more plaque than a classic hand held toothbrush.  This means that it simply does more mechanical work than a classic hand held toothbrush.

How do you know which brush heads to use?

Consult a dental hygienist for the proper head and setting choice.  As a rule of thumb, more sensitive gums, and mouths, should start with sensitive and lower speed gentle cleaning. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes.  If your Costco Oral B Electric Toothbrush does not meet your expectations, then you are entitled to a refund.  This is only during the first 60 days after your purchase.

Does Costco Oral B Electric Toothbrush come with replacement brush heads?

In the package, there are 2 Precision Clean Brush Heads and 1 FlossAction Brush Head.  These are the only heads provided in the package.  For replacement heads consult the store you bought them in or the Oral B website.

Does The FlossAction Brush Head replace flossing?

No.  The FlossAction Brush Head does not replace flossing.  But it does get rid of more plaque than a standard toothbrush.

Is The Costco Oral B Electric Toothbrush dentist recommended?

Yes.  The Costco Oral B Electric Toothbrush, along with other Oral B products, is actually the #1 dentist recommended worldwide.  That is because of the superior quality cleaning that the toothbrush provides.