Knife Laws In Rhode Island

Rhode Island knife laws are specific and brief and prevent carrying any knife concealed except for a pocket knife with blade length that doesn’t exceed 3”.

Knife owners should, therefore, consider any knife illegal to carry concealed.

There are no efforts made by Rhode Island implement a preemption rule. Therefore, local municipalities can enforce their knife laws.

Rhode Island Knife Laws



• It legal to carry any legal knife openly

• It legal to own, sell, make, receive or give away any knife in Rhode Island except metal finger rings.


• It’s illegal to own Kung Fu weapons except for a professional martial arts trainer

• It’s illegal to carry any knife in schools and its properties, courthouses or prison

• It’s illegal to own metal knuckles

• It’s illegal to own daggers, stilettos, bowie knives and dirks

Any knife carried to inflict harm to someone else is illegal even if the knife itself is legal. The law doesn’t specify the kind of knives considered Kung Fu weapons but it’s reasonable to interpret shuriken, throwing stars and other as illegal weapons.

Length Limit

Rhode Island knife laws don't restrict the blade length on ownership or open carry of knives. However, the law prohibits a knife whose blade exceed 3”.

Conceal Carry

It’s illegal to carry any knife concealed except for small regular pocket knives. Any knife with a blade that exceeds 3” cannot be carried hidden. Violating this law results in 1-year jail term and a fine of $1,000. The knife is also confiscated and never returned.

Other Knife Laws in Rhode Island

According to subsection § 11-47-42, it’s illegal to give or sell a dagger, bowie, razor, dirk, sword-cane, stiletto and any knife whose blade exceed 3” to a minor who is under 18 years old. However, if a minor’s guardian or parent shows a document that authorizes someone to give or sell these knives to a minor, then an exception applies.

Some localities have their knife laws such as South and North Kingstown. South Kingston bans knives whose blades exceed 3” from public parks while North Kingstown outlaws knives during demonstrations and picketing.


Any Rhode Island resident can legally own any knife as long as he/she doesn’t use it to harm someone else. It’s illegal to carry any knife concealed as long as it exceeds 3” in length. Carrying any knife in Rhode Island is legal.