Knife Laws In South Carolina

No laws restrict the type of knives that knife owners can own in South Carolina.

All legal knives can also be carried openly or concealed anywhere except in school and its grounds.

The South Carolina lacks preemption rule, and local ordinances contradict the state laws.

A knife owner needs to learn the local laws to avoid being in trouble in different counties and municipalities within the state.

Knife Laws in South Carolina



• It’s legal to own folding pocket knives

• It’s legal to own clasp knives

• It’s legal to own balisong knives and bowie knives

• It’s legal to own tactical knives and daggers

• It’s legal to own dirks, stilettos, machete, push knives, swords, sword canes

• It’s legal to own belt-buckle knife and lipstick knife

• It’s legal to own throwing knives, throwing stars, gravity knives, switchblades and ballistic knives

These knives can be possessed, bought, sold, manufactured, modified, received or given away legally. All these knives can also be carried openly or concealed without any repercussion.


• It’s illegal to carry a knife to a school or its property

A knife with a blade length that exceeds 2” cannot be taken to schools. The penalty is a jail term of 5 years or a fine of $1,000. Peace officers and some people are allowed by school officials to carry a knife.

Length Limit

The South Carolina law doesn’t limit the blade length apart from the 2” blade length on school property.

Conceal Carry

It’s legal to carry any knife concealed regardless of the configuration, blade deployment method, or size. However, the 2” blade length rule applies on school property.

Other Knife Laws in South Carolina

Since the state lacks preemption laws, most local ordinances impose legislation that conflicts the state laws, and a knife owner needs to be aware of the ordinances to avoid being caught breaking the law.

Most cities like Charleston, Cayce, Monck’s Corner, Fountain Inn and other enforce a 3” knife blade length limit when it comes to carrying knives concealed. Some even enforce more strict laws.


Owning and carrying any knife openly is legal in South Carolina. Also, it’s legal to carry any knife concealed as long as the knife is not used to commit a crime.