Spyderco Knives

Spyderco is a Golden, Colorado, U.S.A. based cutlery company that produces knives and knife sharpeners. Spyderco pioneered many features that are now common in folding knives, including the pocket clip, serrations, and the opening hole. Spyderco has collaborated with over 30 custom knife makers, and self-defense instructors for designs and innovated the usage of many different blade materials. Spyderco has continued to experiment with new blade steels over the years. In 1994, Spyderco was the first company to use powder metallurgy in a production knife (in the form of Crucible’s S60V  tool steel, and the first knife company to use H-1 steel in a folding knife.

Spyderco is known for getting new blade steels on the market 1st.  Over the years these include: S90V, ZDP189, H-1, PSF27,  CTS-XHP, CTS 204P, M 390, 3V, CPM 10V  just to name a few. Spyderco continues to push the envelope in both the area of design as well as the use of new materials.



Spyderco is one of a few knife companies that not only produces quality knives but recognizes the craftsmanship and quality of knives made by other knife designers. This is why they are known to collaborate with remarkable knife makers such as such as William Moran, Ed Schempp, Michael Janich and Fred Perrin. Whether it be a a result of a collaboration or designed and developed within the company, Spyderco folding knives have become a household name in the knife world.

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