Spyderco Domino Review

There are a lot of knives out there that shouts old school. They have that classic longer blade with a wood or even ivory handle. For some reason, those kind of knives looks a lot like what your grandfather used to have. Then there are those tactical looking knives that are all black and makes you feel like you’re a SEAL team member. They look cool but does not have a lot of functionality and cannot really be used as an everyday carry knife. And then there are those who bridges the gap between the two.

spyderco domino


This is where the Spyderco Domino C172CFTI knife comes in. Spyderco is known for their collaborations with some of the most talented and recognized knife designers and makers in the world but the Spyderco Domino C172CFTI is all Spyderco. It was designed by Eric Glesser, the son of the Spyderco founder Sal Glesser. Sal is known to be a knife designer that listens to what knife collectors and enthusiasts are hungry for and Eric is just like his dad. The apple definitely did not fall far from the tree.




The Spyderco Domino C172CFTI has a simple and yet proven design with a full flat ground blade with a leaf-drop point tip. It’s blade is made from CTS XHP steel which has a very high edge retention as well as corrosion resistance. This might be weird for some because for the most part, they have to choose between the corrosion resistance of stainless steel or the edge retention of high carbon steel. But the CTS XHP steel bridges the gap between the two classic choices. You can expect the Domino to perform equally well when cutting that FEDEX box open in the office or skinning that game that you will bag this weekend. And with its high resistance to corrosion, you do not need to do a lot of maintenance which gives you more time to do the things that matters to you more.


The CTS XHP steel blade is held on place by a couple of ball bearing washers that allows for a smooth flip opening. The handle of the Domino one part solid titanium scale and then one part Cubic Check Carbon Fiber Laminate scale. On the titanium side, you have the Reeve Integral Lock (RIL) that not only ensures that you have absolutely no blade play but also serve to safeguard against overtravel. The contour of the handle also has grooves that fits your fingers comfortably ensuring both maximum control and comfort.

The Spyderco Domino C172CFTI also comes with a four position clip that allows you to comfortably clip it to your belt of pocket for better concealment. The clip also allows you to have peace of mind that you will have it whenever you reach for it without the need for a sheath or the risk of it scratching your phone in your pocket. The Domino is yet another Spyderco signature EDC knife that has become a favorite among knife enthusiasts and collectors alike. With the simplicity in its design and the dependability of the internal mechanics of the Domino, it’s quite hard not to include it in your top list of everyday carry knives.




Overall Length: 7.68″
Blade Length: 3.13″
Blade Thickness: 0.12″
Blade Material: CTS XHP
Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Grind: Flat
Finish: Satin
Edge Type: Plain
Handle Length: 4.55″
Closed Length: 4.55″
Handle Material: G-10
Frame/Liner: Titanium
Weight: 4.2 oz.
Lock Type: RIL
Country of Origin: Taiwan


At 4.2 oz, the Spyderco Domino C172CFTI is not the lightest folder in the market but that’s also what a lot of people like about it. You can literally feel the quality and strength of the Domino and give you that dependability that you look for an everyday carry. It’s easy to open and safe to use with a blade that will keep on going. If you ask me, that is a killer combination.