Spyderco Pacific Salt Review

The Spyderco Pacific Salt Knife was originally requested by members of the United States Military. Expectations of everyday carry knives has drastically changed in the last decade. It used to be a simple tool that should be small enough to be carried around easily but sharp enough to handle light cutting tasks. Nowadays, everyday carry knives have evolved into some of the most varied group of equipment not only in how they look but what they are made of. Handles used to be either metal or wood and blades will either be stainless or high carbon steel. From all these, a myth was born of a knife that has a blade that can retain its edge for a long time but stay rust-free.

Spyderco Pacific Salt



The advances in both blade and handle material technology have benefited a lot of knife makers and one of the best examples of the two is the Spyderco Pacific Salt Black FRN C91BBK. The C91BBK’s blade is made of H1 steel. No, it’s not the macho vehicle that all guys secretly wishes to have. H1 steel is a new age steel that combines the being able to hold an edge for a long time as well as resisting rust a lot longer than people would expect. This steel is developed in Japan, the home of another legendary cutting edge, in the Myodo Foundry. The H1 steel is able to retain its two important properties because of how it is formed and its make-up.

The H1 steel utilizes nitrogen instead of carbon to keep it hard and keep its edge. It reaches a 57 – 58 rc rating making it harder than more commonly used knife blades such as 420 / 42012, AUS 6, 8 and even 10. It is not only hard, it is also basically maintenance free because it resists rust as well as stainless steel. With the Spyderco Pacific Salt Black FRN C91BBK, you have a blade that you can depend on for a very long time.



Knife handles also made people want more than just a piece of either metal or wood. A good handle not only provides control, but safety as well. A crazy sharp knife is not a great knife if it cannot be handled well. The evolution of knife handles have also been very interesting and all the technological advances have produced an array of materials that are neither metal nor wood.

The handle of the C91BBK is equally amazing. It is a fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) that is equally at home in any environment making it resistant to virtually any kind of abuse from rust and, yes, even salt water. This means that you can go to town on this bad boy. You can ride it hard and put it away with minimal to almost no maintenance required. This is a dream combination for most knife owners. A blade and handle that will keep on going for a long time with minimal maintenance is almost like a myth among knife enthusiasts and that myth has come to life with the Spyderco Pacific Salt Black FRN C91BBK.

The Spyderco Pacific Salt also comes with an ambidextrous titanium pocket clip that makes it easy to carry for both right handed and lefties. The textured FRN handle also makes it easy to handle without sacrificing safety control.


Overall Length: 8.69″
Blade Length: 3.81″
Blade Thickness: 0.12″
Blade Material: H-1
Blade Style: Drop Point
Blade Grind: Hollow
Finish: Satin
Edge Type: Plain / Serrated
Handle Length: 4.88″
Closed Length: 4.88″
Handle Material: FRN
Frame/Liner: Steel
Weight: 3 oz.
Lock Type: Lock Back
Country of Origin: Japan