Knife Laws In Tennessee

Due to recently modified laws, a knife whose blade length exceed 4” can be carried legally.

Also, switchblades can now be bought, owned, sold and carried lawfully. However, a penalty for using one to commit a crime was increased to $6,000.

The state also instituted preemption law eliminating many local ordinances.

Everywhere in the state impose the same knife legislation in the state laws. However, local governments can pass limited knife restrictions and cannot contradict state law or else they become invalid.

Knife Laws In Tennessee



• It’s legal to own pocket knives

• It’s legal to own switchblades

• It’s legal to own gravity knives

• It’s legal to own balisong knives

• It’s legal to own hunting knives

• It’s legal to own throwing stars, KA-BAR knives, daggers, sword canes, swords, clasp knives, dirks, and machetes

On 1st July 2013, switchblades were legalized and that right extended to a minor. It’s legal to carry legal knives concealed or openly.


There isn’t any knife that is illegal in Tennessee State as long as a knife isn’t used for an unlawful purpose.

Length Limit

The Tennessee knife laws don't put restrictions on the blade length that one can own or carry.

Conceal carry

It’s legal to carry the legal knives hidden

Other Knife Laws in Tennessee

A preemption bill was passed in 2013, and it was signed into law. The law made a lot of changes in knife laws and legalized switchblade knives. Therefore, it’s legal to sell, give to a minor or sell a switchblade.

The preemption rule prevents a city, county, and municipal governments from changing knife carrying and ownership to contradict the state laws. A resident of Tennessee can travel anywhere in the state without worrying about meeting different knife legislation that might put them in trouble.


Nowadays it’s legal to own and carry a switchblade knife in Tennessee. The switchblade can be carried concealed or openly. Also, a knife whose blade length exceed 4” was legalized. Carrying a knife for fishing, hunting, work or any other task that requires that knife is allowed provided it's not used for an unlawful purpose.