Knife Laws In Texas

Texas has very restrictive knife carrying laws and forbids many types of knives from public carry.

Most knives are prohibited from carrying outside a privately owned car, owner's home or private boat.

Only small pocket knives can be carried in most locations and some fishing, historical reenactment, and hunting knives.

Knife Laws in Texas



• It’s legal to own folding knives such as switchblades and pocket knives

• It’s legal to own plus battery knives

• It’s legal to own KA-BAR knives

• Bowie knives are legal

• It’s legal to own daggers and swords

• It’s legal to own fishing and hunting knives

• Throwing stars and throwing knives are legal

• It’s legal to own utility knives, machetes, and disguised knives

The term “illegal knife” in Texas knife laws doesn’t mean it’s illegal to buy, own or sell. It means that it’s illegal to carry in public.


• It’s illegal to own gravity knife

• Owning dirks are illegal

• It’s illegal to own stilettos

• It’s illegal to own poniards

• Owning swords, bowie knives and spears is illegal.

• It’s illegal to carry dangerous weapons where liquor is sold

• It’s illegal to carry deadly weapons in schools, polling place, racetrack, courthouse, airport, etc.

• It’s illegal to gift, rent, loan or give an illegal knife to a minor below 18 years old

Length Limit

Fixed blade and single-edged folding knives are the only knives allowed to carry openly or concealed. The blades of these two knives should not exceed 5.5”. Even the switchblade are legal to carry as long as the blades meet the blade length limit and have a single edge.

Conceal Carry

Texas state doesn’t distinguish open carry from conceal carry since both types are illegal in this state.

Other Knife Laws in Texas

Most jurisdictions in Texas enforce their ordinances. For example, Corpus Christi bans knives whose blade length exceed 3”. Melisa ban peddlers and the ones who distributes handbills from carrying any knife.


Texas has the most restrictive knife laws in the US. It’s illegal to carry a knife whose blade exceed 5.5”. All knives cannot be carried concealed or openly except small pocket knives.