The Essential Camping Equipment List

If you are intending to go out to a camping site, carrying the right equipment with you is one of the key determinants to predict how your life in the wilderness will be. Whether you intend to go camping for adventure, as a seasoned weekend warrior or as a first-time explorer, you must take your time to decide on which camping equipment is essential to carry with you during the journey and not what will only increase the bulkiness of your camping bag.

Carrying the appropriate camping equipment not only makes your life at the camping site more comfortable but may also help save your life in some situations such as during bad weather, or when attacked by animals living in the wilderness.

Don’t think you could survive an animal attack with your current camping kit? Well listen up! Here’s our list of essential equipment you should take with you when going out camping:


Camping Knife

ESEE 4S-ODCarrying a camping knife with you when going out to the camping site is of utmost importance. Other than boosting your confidence while out there, a camping knife can also help you in other ways such as in; cutting ropes, starting a fire using the first aid kit, opening containers and in building shelters.

When selecting the best knife to carry when going out to the wilderness, the key aspects that you should put into consideration are toughness and durability. In this respect, a fixed-blade knife is better to use during camping than a fold-away.



A good backpack is imperative when you intend to go camping. A good bag should have desirable features such as being spacious enough to carry the many items you require during a hike or other activity away from the main camp, it should be waterproof to keep water off the items you are carrying, and lastly, it should be comfortable to carry to avoid hurting your lower back when you wear it.


First Aid Kit

Carrying a first aid kit when going out in the wilderness can prove to be crucial. Due to the high possibility of getting injured while camping, carrying a first aid kit among your camping equipment helps you to deal with tough situations in the wilderness as if they were simple ones.

Emergencies such as cuts, scrapes and infections are easily solved using a first aid kit. It’s also not a bad idea to attend a first aid course prior to your trip so you have some knowledge on how to handle certain injuries.



Many people may not see rope to be a great camping essential, but it is. When in the wilderness, you may require a rope to climb to some places or even when you require building or repairing a shelter while out there. A rope may one day help in saving your life while in the wilderness.

A parachute cord is more suitable than a rope when you intend to pack light while camping. It’s strong, lightweight, and flexible and takes up a minuscule amount of space in your backpack. Additionally, a parachute cord may also be helpful in repairing a camping tent in strong winds and can also be used to set up a trap for catching an animal to use as game meat if you happen to run out of food.


Air Chair

airchair-colour-rangeAn Air Chair is a simple inflatable chair that is extremely quick to inflate and deflate. It has a mass of 1.2 kg and occupies little space in the camping backpack when deflated. Upon inflating it, the air chair fills up to a 2 meters long couch. It’s waterproof and doesn’t require any special pumps to inflate. It can also double as an insulated sleeping bag if you find yourself in need of a dry place to sleep overnight.

An air chair is important when it comes to your camping gear since it provides a level of comfort that is an issue in the wilderness. The air chair has a lot of advantages since it is light to carry with you and can be shared since it’s quite large. In some situations, the air chair can be used as a floating device in a river or a lake making the adventure more exhilarating.



A compass is a tool used during navigation to find direction. Carrying a compass with you to the wilderness is imperative as long as you know how to use it!

When coupled with an area map of the place you are visiting, they make navigation in the wilderness simple since you cannot lose the direction to the camp and back when you tour the areas surrounding your camping site. A compass is an essential tool that one must carry when going into the wilderness, especially if you plan on venturing a few kilometers from the base camp.


Air Mattress

You don’t really think about how awesome an air mattress is until you sleep on the wildernesses floor for one night. Most people say “Ah, just three nights, I’ll rough it, I don’t need an air mattress. Plus, less to pack and carry!” but then most people also come to find out the ground has more rocks and uneven surfaces that they expected! That is why it is a huge comfort and great idea to find the best camping air mattress and take it with you on your camping trip. It is not that much extra camping gear to carry a camping bed and you will enjoy your trip that much better, trust us!



So there you have it, six of the coolest camping gadgets to keep you dry, safe, comfortable and in control on your next adventure! Make sure you pack all of these next time you visit the great outdoors!