The Instant Pot Craze

Instant Pot fever is literally taking over kitchens across the globe.

This success story has led to a heightened interest in the product and a peak in curiosity as to why they have become so popular.


Here we will detail a brief profile of the company, why they have begun trending with such popularity in everyone’s kitchen, and most importantly, where you can pick up your very own Instant Pot.

Company Background

Instant Pot Brand Logo

Instant Pot is designed and distributed by Double Insight Inc. which was a small company comprised of five partners with specific knowledge in the programming and A.I. field.

After 18 months of development, the first model was released in 2010.

As of now, the company has expanded to producing several other models of varying size and features to meet consumer demand. The products are manufactured in China by the Midea group. 

Why are they so Popular?


The Instant Pot is the stand out product among a range of pressure cookers which have been released to the market in recent years. There are a variety of reasons why the product has reached such dizzying heights of popularity. As with any product, the marketing strategy has played an integral role, but there are also a number of key practical factors which have contributed to the rise in popularity.


This may be the number one factor driving the popularity of the product. People are leading increasingly busy live. Therefore, they need methods of cooking which fit with these lifestyles. The Instant Pot is perfect in this regard. Dishes which may have previously taken hours to be prepared can now be done in a much faster time thanks to the pressure cooking technology of the Instant Pot. This is key in saving both time and money for busy professionals and families alike.


Perhaps we would expect that with such an expedited cooking experience, there should be some trade off in terms of nutrition. This is not the case with the Instant Pot. Due to the sealed nature of the cooking, and the lack of oil and grease build up internally, the pot manages to seal in a lot of the nutrients and produce finished products which are highly flavored and just as delicious as though cooked by traditionally slower methods.

Energy Efficiency

This is a huge issue in today’s society. Almost every household is attempting to be more energy efficient. The Instant Pot can absolutely help these targets to be reached thanks to the nature of the device. Pressure cooking harnesses a lot of internal energy by sealing the appliance and cooking at a high speed. This will ultimately help you to be more energy efficient in your home. Furthermore, the fact that one device can take responsibility for cooking all of the required ingredients in a dish is another great benefit. This streamlining is also related to convenience and another attribute which has driven the popularity of the Instant Pot.

Where you can Get One

Now that you know a few of the key facts behind the rise and success of the Instant Pot, a natural follow-up question will be where to purchase one. The marketplace has never been more accessible than it is today, therefore you have a number of options in this respect. Amazon is an excellent starting point if you are looking to purchase an Instant Pot. Back in 2016, they famously sold almost 250,000 in just one day.

You can also pick them up from a variety of popular retailer including Walmart, Costco, Kohls, and many others. This is in addition to buying direct from the company themselves. Ultimately, you will never be at a loss for options when it comes to picking up an Instant Pot at a highly competitive price.

Final Thoughts

As we can see from this analysis, the continued success of Instant Pot is not without good cause.

From the outset, the company developed a well-researched and well marketed product which holds all the required benefits to appeal to the mass market.

This is an appeal which shows no sign of slowing down any time soon, with new models on the horizon and competitive pricing always available.