Knife Laws In Utah

Utah knife laws allow concealed and open carry and ownership of any knife as long as it doesn’t involve using it as a dangerous weapon.

The intent, actual use, and circumstances determine whether a knife is legal to own and carry or not.

Most types of knives are prohibited for “restricted person” such as felons.

Knife Laws in Utah



Some of the legal knives include:

• Pocket knives

• Gravity knives

• Balisong knives

• Dirks

• Daggers

• Swords

• Fishing knives

• Hunting knives

• Sword canes

• KA-BAR knives

• Throwing stars and knives

• Belt-buckle knives

These knives can be owned, carried concealed or openly as long as they are not used or carried as dangerous weapons.


• It’s illegal for restricted persons to own or carry a knife unless the carrier can prove that it was for lawful purpose

• It’s illegal for restricted persons to carry a knife specifically for self-defense

• It’s illegal to carry knives in schools unless the school authorize it

The law categorizes restricted persons into two categories i.e. Category I and Category II. Category I consist of parolees, felons, and illegal aliens. Category II consist of those who have been convicted of a felony, mentally incompetent, mentally defective, anyone discharged dishonorably from the military, anyone who has renounced US citizenship, in possession of controlled substance when carrying the knife or not guilty by insanity.

Length Limit

There are no restrictions on the blade length in Utah knife laws.

Conceal Carry

Any legal knife can be carried openly or concealed.

Other Knife Laws in Utah

Since there is a preemption law in Utah, local governments cannot impose knife legislation that contradicts the state law. Therefore, a knife owner can move from town to town in Utah without worrying about breaking the law imposed by local governments.


Anyone who has never been convicted of any crime, mentally ill, adjudge delinquent or anyone who doesn’t abuse illegal drugs can own or carry any knife openly or concealed in Utah State.

Certain drug users, felons and those mentally ill are not allowed to own a knife which is considered a dangerous weapon by Utah State laws.